It’s a new year!

It is a new year and I feel the need to express my thoughs for the upcoming year.

My main goal for the new year is to have more faith. I am not talking a spiritual faith but more of one of the people around me and of myself.  Sometimes I think I am a confident strong person when deep inside I am an insecure bunny who is inable to trust the love and care others have for me. This insecurity makes me unable to reach out to people I love.  It also makes me question everything good that comes to me and not recognize it all.  I am fortunate for what I have and I need to believe that I am worthy of what I recieve. 

I am always striving to share the love I have inside of me with kindness and respect. I hope that you all can join me in this. Find happiness in every day. There is  always one thing everyday that makes you happy and please strive to seek those out. Rejoice in those small moments. Eventually they will pile up and make any bad seem conquerable.  We can’t eliminate sadness and misfortune in our lives but we can find creative new ways to overcome them all.

Appreciate those around you and the things they do. Understand what a huge gesture of love/kindness is for each person. One person’s flowers is another’s tweet of love. 

I am looking forward to this new year because I will be able to spend large amounts of time (but never enough) with all of the people who have deep places in my heart.  The Casa will be full it makes me excited.

I hope the best year possible happens to you all. I hope we all find new relationships to grow and stregthen old ones.

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