Vivi Obsessions


  • Hunger Games!!- I was late joining this geek tribe but now I am full in it (except reading the final book).  The idea of having children killing each other to quell rebellion is awesome. Well not awesome but interesting. If you can’t handle the subject matter than I understand; if you can, stop being a hipster and join.
    • The soundtrack is equally good and kind of haunting. Listen to it. Go. Now!
  • Tyrion Lannister-  Game of Thrones show is fun and great to watch. The books are good but slightly boring. The best of all of this is Tryion. He is quippy and loves whores, wine and good food. 
  • “I am hotter than you” – from Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Watching again today (yes again- shush your face) and realized Jacob said this to Edward. hehe.
  • Fright Night (remake) – It was fun and good enough for what it was. Colin Farrell (especially) and David Tennant made the movie great. Everyone else was there. I don’t remember them now and it has been less than 2 hours since I seen it.
  • Easter- One of my favorite holidays because of bunnies!!!! I will be brunching it up this Sunday with lots of treats. And Bunnies!!!
  • Community- New episode tonight that should be awesome. The question now is are you a Blanketeer or a Pillowman?

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