Pop Culture Comforts

When I am having moments of sad, in addition turing to people for comfort I turn to shows, music, etc. Immersing myself in these things that i have tread many times before helps me to numb out and feel wrapped up in a blanket filled with booty calls and falsettos.

Currently as I am writing this I am listening to a live Prince album. Hearing him sing Beautiful Ones just makes me feel so happy and warm. The song many not be the happiest song but if it is one that I really enjoy for the art of the song I am filled with such happiness/excitment I want to dance and squee. Prince’s Purple Rain is my ultimate comfort album. Well it is the best album of all time (no debate needed- shush).

Twilight- Maybe my not secret shame. Eclipse was yesterday and New Moon was today (sorry Andrea).   I can’t stop watching these movies. Yes they are horribly acted but Jacob is so pretty. They are mindless in some weird way so catchy and comforting.  I embrace my Twlightness with excited shame.

Sex and The City- The majority of my pop culture comfort shows are ones that require little thought or emotion.  SATC is perfect for this. I love the fashion girlyness it brings out of me. And this time watching I am enjoying noting all of the sex talk and how it applies to my life. Now that I am older watching it, it has different level of appreciation.

I love how everytime it seems a different batch of stuff will arise to comfort me. My neverending world of seeking out shows and music means I have a huge pool of comfort materials when needed.

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