How I spent my Easter and Post-Easter Evenings

TV I watched in the past two days–

Celebrity Apprentice: Hulk smash too loud. Now Hulk can’t hear so good. You’re fired. Hulk no make fire. No you’re fired.

Amazing Race: Africa Yawn. Bicker bicker

Mad Men: Killing white women > Black people rioting

Game of Thrones: Tryion is my fantasy world boyfriend.  Kraken fireplace.

One Direction on SNL: Flowbee step aside we have a cotton candy machine doing hair.

The Voice: Orwellian Nazis Rule the World, Gay strippers walk like an Egyptian

Other things I have done:
dyed eggs with Rhian and Daniel
copious amounts of draw something
fell asleep reading Clash of Kings.

Speaking of Clash of Kings. Came to a conclusion. That the Game of Thrones book series is much like the Lord of the Rings series. A great well drawn out story and fantasy world. Complete with languages, religions, mores, topography. But in doing so it can create this level of fucking boringness. I don’t care that lord Beetleby went to coffee with Ser Dandyface. I love the stories in the books I just can’t fully read them.  I think I will just be a watcher of the series  and hope that Daniel reads them to me like he read me Lord of the Rings. 🙂

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