Sweet Soul Music

More music love.  When I hear a song that is perfection to me I am filled with so much excitement and pure joy. It can be the saddest song and I am smilling and bouncing in my seat.

For me in the last day there have been 3 songs in particular that got me filled with this pure joy:

Somebody That I Used to Know, Glee Version:  I love me some Darren Criss. His voice is like butter to me. I love hearing him sing anything. Doesn’t hurt he is pretty to look at also.

Song to the Siren, THis Mortal Coil:  This is pure beautiful haunting love. I had forgotten about this song and rediscovered it and started bouncing.

Rock Lobster, B-52s: nah no idea why this is here.

I am an easy crier. Cry at most movies, sappy commercials, etc.  I also cry when I hear really good live music. Even when watching it on my screen.

Today I cried a bit watching Pulp perform on Jimmy Fallon. Jarvis Cocker was so glam awesome. It was so awesome to see them live even if I can’t see them live.

Other music acts I will cry at when I see them are Florence + the Machine and Tori Amos.

So music is pretty awesome. Listen to something super awesome and bounce in your seat, squee with joy and then tell me about it.

Pulp on Jimmy Fallon

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