Vivi tells you what to listen to – Pt 1

Starting tomorrow, it is the first weekend of Coachella. If you are like me then you are also not going. So for my first list of telling you what you should be listening to I am going to highlight some Coachella acts. Also if you want to see the concert they are streaming it here

1. Florence and the Machine – Never Let Me Go

Besides Tori Amos, Florence is my favorite female singer. She is magical and awesome for me and brings me to instant happy. I love all of her songs but this one in particular is great.

2. Jesus and Mary Chain featuring Hope Sandoval – Sometimes Always

This is my first skirting the whole act portion. Mazzy Star is performing at Coachella. But really all you most know is Hope Sandoval. Well that is all I know. And I love Mazzy Star this song is in my heart always.

3. First Aid Kit – Lion’s Roar

They have that folk twang that I love so much in music. Similar to the Secret Sisters but unique in their own way. Great harmony. And lyrics too.

4. Fritz and the Tantrums – Breakin’ the Chains of Love

They are calling back all the awesome 60’s soul music. And they do it so well.

5. Kanye West & Jay Z featuring Frank Ocean- No Church in the Wild

Skirting the artist number 2. Frank Ocean’s voice is like butter to my ears and this song it is so beautiful and shines so much. Plus the rest is pretty awesome.

6. Band of Skulls – Death by Diamonds and Pearls

Great rock and beats. Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubish. They are one of those bands that always come up in the shuffle and I am all “who is this I really like it”.  Yes I talk to myself.

7. Pulp – Underwear

Pulp is one of my all time favorite bands. I like many of their songs and this one isn’t my favorite but you get the awesomeness of their music combined with highlighting the sultry sexiness that is Jarvis Cocker’s voice.

8. Goyte- Someone That I Used to Know

Really skirting the artist here. I really love the Glee version (sung by Darren Criss and Matt Bomer). I can’t stop listening to the Glee version but the original Gotye version is also really good. Darren Criss is another artist that has a voice that just melts me into goo.

The last two spots are for people who are not going to Coachella but still great.

9.  Massive Attack- Inertia Creeps

My darling Andrea is introducing me to the magical world of Massive Attack and this song is a perfect example of their sultry awesome. Since you aren’t going to Coachella I suggest putting on some Massive Attack (particularly this song) and have a long love making session (self-love completely welcome)

10. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

If you like catchy teen pop songs this is a perfect specimen. If you don’t then move along. This song has all the elements of a perfect, catchy, bubblegum pop song: cute boys, catchy chorus, uplifting.  If you allow yourself to fall into the song you will be bouncing and realizing your inner beauty.

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