Vivi tells you what to listen to – Pt 2

This list is more of a crazy hodgepodge of songs that traipsed through my head in the last week. Even if the songs may come from my shameber or seem cheesy they are awesome (unless I tell you otherwise).

1. Childish Gambino- You See Me

Love Donald Glover on Community and really love him as Childish Gambino. He has good and clever rhymes and they are often funny too. This song is the one I can’t stop listening to and bonus the video is live from Coachella (which I told you to listen to last week).

2. Of Monsters and Men- Little Talks This band is one of my new favorites. The one you need to listen to lots right now. This song is so so good. Happy, fist pumping, loveable. It makes me smile and be happy. Join in with me.

3. Zac Brown Band- Chicken Fried

You don’t like country. I can understand that.  I hope you have tried all the different types out there (yes there is more than one) rather than just assuming. You are so smart I know you didn’t do that. This song is so happy and fun. It is catchy and bounceable. Listen and appreciate the fun

4. The Postal Service – Against All Odds

The Voice this week had some one sing this song and they did a fine job. But it was just okay. This version by the Postal Service is the best cover version of the song and for me better than the original. Me an Phil aren’t the best of friends.   5. James – Laid

When I was in high school this song was so much fun. And guess what I it is still fun. More happy music and another song live from Coachella last weekend.  I really am trying to get you off your feet and dancing here.

6. Tenacious D- Rize of the Fenix

Like Childish Gambino, Tenacious D is good at mixing quality music with humor. They are coming out with a new album in a month and I am excited to hear it. Especially after hearing this song (which I love) and their interview on the Nerdist.  Listen to this, then their Nerdist interview.

7. Glen Hansard – Take the Heartland

Highlight the Hunger Games Soundtrack. All of the songs on the album are great to hear. It does evoke the feeling of the movie and the story of Katniss. The album even got me to really like a Maroon 5 song.  I chose the above song because it follows the bouncy theme I am seeming to evoke in this list.  It is also a really great song.

8. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros –  Home

This is one of my ultimate love songs and I dedicate it to my darling soulmate.  It is also peppy and happy and not too sappy.  Awesome fun band.

9. Pixies-  Monkey Gone to Heaven

Recently discovered the Pixies in the last couple of months and really love this one.  Eek. That is all I have to say. Also they have a free download of a sampler of their Coachella 2004 appearance:

10. R. Kelly – Ignition Remix

If you know me at all you know I love this song more than I love most people. It is a perfect song. And really the only song you need to start a bouncing, dancing happy weekend.  You can also play it once a day for instant happy and bouncing. Soon you will be having after after parties too.

What did we learn in this list? Even if I wasn’t trying to have a theme, I kind of did. So I think that makes me kind of awesome. And if you enjoy fun then you should try all of these songs.

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