Vivi tells you what to listen to – Pt 3

More musics!! Less themey than last week. Still awesome

1. Rihanna – We Found Love

Current favorite song. It is dancey and catchy. Love it. You should too.

2. Jack White – Sixteen Saltines

His first solo album. It is super awesome and great. Everything of his I have heard has been magical this does not disappoint and this is one of my favorite songs from this album.

3. Florence + the Machine – Breath of Life

To be honest I don’t see her disappointing me but this song is really good. It will be on the Snow White and the Huntsman soundtrack coming out who knows when. It is cinematic and grand and beautiful. More so than other Florence songs.

4. Fiona Apple – Every Single Night

It is simple and beautiful and then does the sweeping kind of stuff that Florence does. I love everything Fiona does, especially Extraordinary Machine and this song makes me so excited for her new album.

5. Kills – Future Starts Slow

Its sexy and pumping. I love the Kills. They have such a good rock sound that makes me all happy and writhe-y. Alison Mosshart has this sexy tone like Karen O. It is beautiful and kickin.

6. Ben Folds ft Regina Spektor — You Don’t Know Me

This part of the list and even the last song is a bit of a rediscovery of songs I love. I don’t how my Spotify (sorry Andrea) spiral got me to this song but I refound my love for it.  It is poppy and Ben Folds and Regina Spektor meld so well in this song that isn’t happy by lyrics but my the sound you just wanna dance your little tushy to it.

7. Foundations – Build Me Up Buttercup

Heard this song in the car with my parents.  This is one of the best pop songs ever I would say. It pure awesome. I really love happy songs that you can guess. Well who doesn’t really like happy songs?  If you have never heard this song, listen to this one now. And if you have listen again. You will smile.

8. Bloodletting (the Vampire Song) – Concrete Blonde

In the bar I was at today they were playing lots of dance pop songs (Rihanna, Usher, etc) and then all of a sudden this song came on.  I love this song so much and it was so surprising to hear it. It has great beat and is fun.

9. Mott the Hoople – All the Young Dudes

One of my all time favorite songs. Also one that both my dad and I love and we both discovered recently that we both really like this song.  It was written by Bowie and sounds like a great Bowie song and Mott the Hoople does it so well. The rest of their songs are awesome and you should check them out but this one first.

10. The Who – Athena

I get my love of the Who and really my appreciation of music from my dad. This is probably his all time favorite band. My favorite The Who album is The Who Sell Out but this song from It’s Hard is a great song.  I love rock songs that are just pure rock. They may have some flourishes here and there but it is just drives your core to feel the power of the music. The Who excel at this and this song which you may not be familiar with is a great example of this.

Last week my list had new Tenacious D song and they are now streaming their whole album on Soundcloud.  Here you go. 

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