Vivi tells you what to listen to – Pt 4

These posts have become one of my favorite parts of my week. Collecting music to list for you is helping me discover more music and also kind of defining my week through music. A beautiful thing to me.

1. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

Today we lost Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys to cancer. So sad. This death and the death of Junior Seau ( a popular former San Diego Charger) both shook me. Both died unexpectedly and both were part of my childhood. This song is my favorite Beastie Boys song. I love the beat and the clever rhyming especially in this one.

2. Trainwreck in Sarasota – Ingition Remix

You all know this is my favorite start the weekend song. Well my favorite pump-it-up song ever. This is an awesome cover from my good friend Rob who also creates his own great music. He just did a great cover of Army from Ben Folds also. Consider this my follow friday for today.  Get his original stuff here:  (For reals do it now).

3. Emilie Autumn – Opheliac

I loved her song The Art of Suicide for a while now. And I thought I liked her but never really listened to anything. I have now and I loooooooooove her lots. I am discovering this whole world of dark pop/cabaret music that I find so good. For me it is just good music to either pay attention to or zone out on. Not necessarily danceable but fun.

4. The Adventures Of – Complication

Another dark popish tune. This one is from Tori Amos’ new label. I love their whole album and it is more poppy and probably palatable if you don’t really like the Emilie Autumn.  This one is definitely danceable. And the lead singer has such a great theatrical voice. It is catchy and good  song for the weekend.

5. The Hoosiers – Cops and Robbers

Andrea introduced this one to me and I love it. Again more dark popish. I did tell you it was my new thing right? This one is more poppy than the last and again danceable.  Super super fun.

6. Alabama Shakes – Hold On

If you haven’t heard them yet and you want to be on to what is becoming popular in the indiesphere, this is probably them. They have that Black Keysish sound. Evoking all of that 60’s soul mix with 60s guitars. Love it. And from just watching the video I realized it is an older woman singing. So awesome. She rocks.

7. Rye Rye ft. Tyga – Shake Twist Drop

This song is danceable and catchy. This is a contender for my summah song. It does evoke some of the Hollaback Girl but it doesn’t seem like it would become annoying from overplay like that one was.

8. Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts

This is off her new album with the same name. It is different than other Norah Jones (if that is a factor for you). It has some of that percussion beats that seem to be everywhere today. But it works with her voice. She has a beautiful voice and this song highlights it so well while being a beautiful song.

9. Lindsey Pavo – Skinny Love

Yes this is from The Voice. There hasn’t been many performances I really liked. Actually none really. Except this one. Her voice rocks this song.  I think it is a great cover of the song.  Plus it allows me to link you all to one of my new favorite sites:

10.  Shake it Out  – Glee

This week’s episode of Glee was kind of horrible for me. The shining star was this cover of Florence. It is simple and beautiful. They don’t try to copy or be Florence they are themselves and do it well.

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