Vivi tells you what to listen to – Pt 5

My 5th Anniversary!! hehe.  This seems to be a record for me.  No new music captured me so this is mostly pairs of songs with a loose theme. Currently watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show (Toucha Toucha Touch me I wanna be dirrrrrrrrrrrty)

First two are songs I love but kind of pushed into the recesses of my mind. They were dug fresh into my head this week.

1. Hall and Oates – Rich Girl

I probably wasn’t always a Hall and Oates fan but in the last couple of years I have a new appreciation for them. Well their hits. I tried to listen to the other songs and meh. This is one of my favorites. Your head will be bopping and you might start trolling the country clubs for rich girls after listening to this.

Also check out Bird and the Bee’s Hall and Oates cover album.

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Karen O has one of the sexiest female singing voices out there. This song shows that so well. This song is also mega hot to me. The music and lyrics have this awesome umpfh factor.  Grab a fuck friend /loved one and take them on table to this song. Or listen and let your hands do the talking.

Next two are more dancy songs. I really can’t give you a list on a weekend and not have songs for your to booty shake to right? That would just be irresponsible.

3. Trina- Long Heels Red Bottoms

This is more of a strut song than dance song. But it is a def a two-man dance party song.  Put on your heels and strut strut to this song.

4. Gossip -Dimestore Diamond

This also has a bit of the strut factor in it. I suggest a sexy outfit when around your house this weekend and strut it. You know you a hot piece of ass and this song just makes you channel all that hot-assery.

Next two are from dark rock musicals.

5. Repo! The Genetic Opera- Zydrate Anatomy

I didn’t like the movie that music but I love the songs. This is the best song. It is soo good. Great beat, catchy. Main guy singing is sexyish in the voice. Ignore Paris Hilton singing. It is worth enduring her for the rest of the song. It is danceable too. And does have a bit of sex to it.

6. Rocky Horror Picture Show- Sweet Transvestite

Did you really expect me to mention that I was watching Rocky Horror Picture show and a song from this didn’t show up?  All of the songs are great and this is just so sexy and fun. It shows how awesome Tim Curry is in the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

7. The Outfield – Your Love

One of my top 10 favorite songs of all time probably. I never get tired of hearing this song. It is a perfect pop rock song.  I don’t wanna lose your love… tonite. Maybe tomorrow though.

The next two fall into the category of I am not sure what to make of them but felt you should know about them.

8. Ke$ha – Pretty Lady

This is a new Ke$ha song. If you know me well or part of learning me is knowing that I have a love of Ke$ha songs. She is perfect dance pop crack. My Pandora station created based off of her is amazing. I am always at least slightly happy when hearing her songs. This song, however, I am not sure how I feel about it. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it as much as the rest.  You decide.

9. Escape Tailor- Just Cuz

Another thing to learn about me is my not probably strange but inexplicable to me love of Jeremy Sisto. I think it started during Six Feet Under. But if I find out he is in a movie/tv show I have to watch it. No questions. I just have to watch. And it was an unconscious thing for awhile.  So now he has gone the weird Chris Gaines route and become a Colonel Sanders Hobo Mime to create this alter-ego singing songs.  And to be honest the song isn’t that bad. And it is Jeremy Sisto who even as a CSHM is kind of cute.

10. Glee – Big Girls Don’t Cry

I felt adding a Glee song was needed. Esp the Prom episode had a couple of songs I liked. I loved their version of “What Makes You Beautiful”.  This version of Big Girls Don’t Cry is beautiful and sweet. I didn’t really like this song originally but I love this version. Did I forget mention that it has Darren Criss in it too?

Also music related, I am a frequent co-host now on Junk’s Trunk podcast. The last episode was cover songs and the one coming out this weekend will be Dark Cabaret. It is super fun to do and I really think you will like it. Listen!

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