Vivi tells you what to listen to – Pt 7

It may be overkill (I don’t really care that much) but this week you are getting two playlists. This first one is the standard Vivi is telling you the awesome things she like or cares about this week. The second will be a good playlist for your outside ventures this Memorial Day weekend. And if you aren’t celebrating memorial day because you hate ‘MERICA or you aren’t in ‘MERICA then it will be a good get outside and listen to stuff list. This list (maybe minus the first song) is also great for outside play.

1. Bee Gees – New York Mining Disaster 1941

Robin Gibb just passed away last week and Donna Summer just shortly before that. People are lamenting that Disco is really dead now. It is sad when people pass away especially icons of your youth and people you just generally enjoy. This song isn’t from the Bee Gees disco era but from before that. Yes this may be a bit hipster. I do love the Bee Gees in the disco era and I am not ashamed to admit that. But this song which is super sad but it is just a beautiful song that you all should know if you don’t already.

2. Nina Zilli – L’Amore  E Femmina

I love Eurovision. Which to you who don’t know, (How do you not know this awesome?) is a European Song Contest. I think it is supposed to generate national pride in competition form. I think it is made for the non football loving Europeans to latch on to something. Just a theory.  Generally the songs are crap. Like horrible horrible ballads or oontz oontz songs.  I listened to all of the songs this year and will now present to you the best of all of these songs. This is a really good song.  It is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse.  Some people may say it is reminiscent of 60’s Italian Pop but really how many of you have that as a frame of reference? 🙂 Either way it is sultry and has a pretty girl with a pretty voice. Good to make dinner to.

3. Bird and the Bee- Polite Dance Song

I love me some Bird and The Bee. I really love the album Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future and this is probably the best song off of the album. It is bumping in a Bird and the Bee Kind of way. So if you don’t like to dance but want to be taken by the beat of the music this is a great song to do that too. Listen and tap your feet and follow along with the song.

4. Syndicate of Sound – Little Girl

I happened upon this song shuffling my iTunes. I got it from my dad when we exchanged music sometime ago. The funny thing about this song was that I wrote it down to add to this list. Then an hour later I saw that my dad posted it to Twitter. So great minds, eh? This song is fun and catchy. It has that great 60s pop-rock vibe. Again it is great if you don’t want to club dance but just do some minor booty shaking.

5. JD McPherson – North Side Gal

Happened upon this song by chance and it does evoke that old rockabilly style. I thought at first it was an older song I missed. But it is current and fun and a great great song. If you are only going to listen to a couple of songs off of this list, you need to make this one of the choices. Do it. Or I will put your socks in the kitty litter.

6. Icona Pop – I love it

Okay this is dance music that has a bit of the oontz but it does evoke a bit of Florence and it has some of that fun anger. Not riot girl way you want to dance and push stuff off of tables when listening to this. Definitely a song to twirl, bounce and get sweaty with.

7. Hot Chip- Night and Day

This video is a bit cray cray but it does have Reggie Watts (yayayya).  It is a great catchy song. You should robot to this song or what you think the robot is if you have never done it before or well (that would be me).  It is so much fun. I love fun songs because you feel happy. And I feel more happy now after hearing it. Don’t you wanna be happy?  oh and it has Terence Fucking Stamp in it.

8. Regina Spektor – Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)

She has a new album coming out and it is quirky fun. It is definitely Regina Spektor but she is absorbed by the music and does what ever comes out her which can seem a bit strange at times. This song is my favorite from that album and a great pop song from her. I can imagine dust dancing to it. And drinking awesome cocktails on a patio with my friends.

9. 30 Rock (Tracy Morgan) – Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

A hint on the latest Junk’s Trunk (which I get to be apart of!!). This was the song that got away. I chose to many but I really wanted this song to be heard. It is cleverly hilarious and me loves it. Consider it pregame for Halloween. or your bar mitzvah or your werewolf party. Or your day.

10.The Enemy – Give Me the Sign

Another band I happened upon. They have been around for a bit and do have some songs that evoke other styles. This song is from their new album and it is totally bounceable danceable. You need to hear this one and let the music take you over with their fun garagepowerbritpoppyness. I think that is a thing. Who knows? Why are you still reading you need to be listening. Now!


Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Welcome back from listening to the last song. Here is the bonus. This is the newest song to catch fire out there in pop-land. I have caught fire listening to it (it isn’t that bad). It is a perfect pop song. Catchy, easy to learn, about a subject you can relate to. Listen and enjoy it or at the very least know what the fuck those business cards are all about.

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