Vivi tells you what to listen to – Roller Jams (Pt 10)

Away on vacation to Ottawa so still wanting to do a post I decided to theme this post. I am calling this Roller Jams because it is the music I listened too at the roller rink when I was going every Saturday as a pre-teen girl.

For me this period of music has the most nostalgia for me at times. And while all music of my life had memories attached to it I think this era ( starting around 1987) is  the most special. I am not sure how most kids progression of music enjoyment goes. It seems most attach themselves to the music of their teen years. That is probably because they are forming some of their most memorable moments at that time. I would also factor it is when they are really finding their own way musically. They have dropped attaching to their parent’s music and to what they would feel is the more childish music.  For me I think when I was a preteen it was when I started to develop my music taste. I still hold on to this style of music today. Yeah there are some teen bands in here but it is mostly just easy simple dance pop. Which you know from the other lists, I am super fond of. So without any further ado here is the list of roller jams.  (Roller Skates not included or needed).

1. Shannon – Let The Music Play

This song is very symbolic of the time. Synthesized dance music. Voices that had that electronic feel to them and easy to move to. For me whenever I hear this one I go “roller skating music”. I think it lends itself to that moving in a circular motion  of the roller skates (not rollerblades – the horror).

2.  Bobby Brown – My Perogative 

I never listened really to New Edition. Sure I knew a couple of songs but I didn’t really pay attention to them. I was probably just a wee bit too young. I did how ever scoop up, unknowingly, every debut solo album the members released. I was a fan of Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill, Bell Biv Devoe and the above Bobby Brown. I think this song is so much fun.

3. Stacey Q – Two of Hearts

Yes I know this should have been 2 but sometimes I don’t go for the cheap joke.  One of my most memorable Stacey Q moments was the Full House episode where DJ skip school to see her at a signing. In the end she learns her lesson and all is forgiven. And Michelle says something cute. Joey may have made a funny voice. This the only of the crossover songs from this list. My dad had the 45 (old timey-iTunes single) of this song and I learned it and loved it from him.

4. George Michael – Faith

Yes I knew Wham but George Michael solo was where I found love for him. I remember doing lip sync dances with my friends to I Want Your Sex and not really understanding what the song was about. It had a catchy beat.  This song however  I really fell in love with. It has that great beat that makes you wiggle your butt in front of a jukebox.

5. Janet Jackson- Pleasure Principle

In addition to listening to these songs while eating snow cones in roller skates, they almost all have iconic notable videos. Yes this was the age when MTV played videos (yes I am bitter and treading an old topic) and artists did things that were notable.  This is amazing just watching Janet dance. I always loved watching her dance because a) she was amazing and b) I would never even be close to that good. I can’t move my hips like that. I can shake wildly like a overtaken spaz though.

6. New Kids on the Block – You Got It ( The Right Stuff)

I was young, so yes I liked NKOTB. I remembered trying to do the dance to this video on roller skates. Luckily I survived. It really is the iconic NKOTB song and it is awesome. I still love all of this music so therefore it is good music that you need to embrace and love.

7. Paula Abdul – Forever Your Girl

This song along with Tiffany and Debbie Gibson reminded me of hot days riding bikes with my best friend. Also our school dances where the dj’s music was supplied by all of us bringing singles and telling them what to play. I always brought lots of music to the dances to be played and this was one of them. If I had to choose between the three ladies, Paula would be my girl. Yes she had more of the dancing (wow a theme!) and the super catchy beats.  Plus who doesn’t want to tell someone you are Forever their Girl (guys included)?

8.  Martika – Toy Soilders

Slow Jam time.  And fuck the couples skate. I was young, never had anyone to skate with (sad face). I did have my share of neon bracelets and earrings and t-shirts with puffy paint.  Right before all of that I watched a show called Kids Incorporated which she was the main star I would say. She was the star before Fergie broke out with the Black Eyed Peas. Looking them up on Wikipedia I forgot Ryan Lambert was also on that show. I had a crush on him and partly watched Monster Squad because of him.  But the song is beautiful. It is a great sing along song. Drug abuse was never so pretty.

9. Debarge – Rhythm of the Night

I went to the movies when I was 8 and saw a double feature of Pretty in Pink and The Last Dragon. I was so excited because they were my first PG-13 movies and I was no were close to that.  Pretty in Pink was awesome and I loved it, like I knew I would. The Last Dragon featured the song above by Debarge and I loved it.  It was that kind of mild pop that made you shuffle dance to it and I had to have the song after seeing the movie. I became an overnight Debarge fan.

10. Pretty Poison – Catch Me (I’m Falling)

Another movie reference this one a movie called Hiding Out. After Pretty In Pink (callback!) I became a Jon Cryer fan. So much so I dragged my dad to every Cryer movie he would let me see and so we saw this one. I knew it was a bad movie but it had my man in it. I even wrote to him and got a signed postcard from him (8 year old humblebrag). This movie had Catch Me (I’m Falling) and I loved this song before the movie but even more excited when I saw it in the movie.  To me it is iconic of that late 90s pop music. Very girl driven, electronic synth mild dance music. You knew the feather hair, lace, and bangles would be out for this song.


The wayback machine has landed and I have returned you safely back to today. I will still be out next week but will be having someone take over the list to keep the good music going.

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