Vivi tells you what to listen to – Pt 11

Hey y’all I am back. Wasn’t Andrea’s post awesome? He did such a great job taking over the list. Thank you so much!So this list is everwhere-ish but full of really good songs for you to listen to. I think it will be a good list for a first weekend of summer by the pool relaxing party.

1. MIKA – Make You Happy
New songs from him are being slowly released. So I think that means a new album will be out soon. And I like them all so far but this one reaches my softy core. It has a happiness layer and also a desperation layer. I like the electronicness of it all though that might not be everyone’s ting. It is goood and new MIKA which is so exciting.

2. Robbie Williams – Better Man
I am late to the Robbie Williams game. I heard I think it was Angels many years ago and liked it enough. I found this song the other day and I don’t remember how. I love this song. It is a great pop ballad thing and it expanded me to listen to other stuff from him and it is Adam Lambert/Elton John big dramatic pop music. So even though this bandwagon is rickety and old it still can hold a few people , so hop on with me listening to this awesome song. Plus he is campy fun in the video.

3. Jukebox the Ghost – Oh, Emily
This song is good pop with and awesome tap your foot drumbeat. Okay full disclosure it does have a bit of the “Main Street Electrical Parade” in it but it is really good. It is indie pop/rock at its finest. You can sing along, dance a long a bit. It fills me up with those goosebumps you get from a great song that is balanced so perfectly.

4. Regina Spektor – The Calculation
The next two songs I got from my bestie, Bex. This one is another Regina Spektor song that I didn’t know existed and it is beautiful. It is a perfect song of hers. It highlights her voice and has a great beat. Love it so so hard. Super poppy fun.

5. Jenny Owen Youngs- Clean Break
Another great artist I am late to the game on. I know her cover of Hot in Herre which is fantastical. I keep on saying poppy which I guess you figured out is my favorite genre if you will.  But this song is so so great and the rest of her stuff is great too. But this is a good break in song for her.  Listen now.  I can imagine listening to it while cooking stirring something yummy on the stove.

6. River City Extension- Glastonbury

This one has more a folk spin than pop. But still great a bit of that current Chillbilly theme that is popular. I find it more pure and just a great song. I really just want to be sitting outside, drinking a beer and listening to this awesome song.

7. Justin Bieber – Maria
So yes this song is on here. You may hate him and don’t ever want to listen to this song. Here are some reasons why you should try out this song. A. It isn’t “Baby” catchy so you won’t have it in you head for months and have to pry it out with an ice pick. B. It is is Billy Jean and albeit not as good as Billy Jean but still just as awesome. C. It is a great song if you like that pop/r&B vibe to songs. You need to hear it.

8. The Killers- Sam’s Town (Abbey Road)
Another one of Vivi’s all time favorite songs. I like this version better than the regular version. You really hear how good Brandon Flowers’ voice is. The song is great. I really love strip down raw songs that just evoke all of that emotion. You feel inside and make you feel something real inside that feels the need to burst out. That is what really good music does for you.

9. Jeremih – Birthday Sex
It was my birfday yesterday and this song was sent to be my my friend Aldo via Spotify. This happens to be my all time favorite birthday song. I love playing it every year. I think I made fun of it once on an episode of uncast ( but really is a great R&B song. It is kind of hilarious and also kind of sexy, sultry and awesome. And what adult doesn’t want Birthday Sex?

10. Juvenile Ft Mannie Fresh & Lil’ Wayne – Back That Azz Up  and
Xzibit – Alkaholik
Two songs that are a preview of the upcoming Junk’s Trunk ( They are two great Hip-Hop songs that are great for dancing, head bopping. I really love both of these songs. You need to blast these loud and turn the bass up. Windows need to be vibrating. And then listen to the JT when it is released for more awesomeness.

Canadian Bonus

Half Moon Run – Full Circle

I had a great time In Ottawa exploring the city and hanging out with dear friends. When we were in the car I swear this song played every single time. One time was even a request from a person (seriously just listen for 10 more minutes and they would have played it without the request). At first I liked it. It is that kind of lulling dreamyish indie pop song that I can gravitate toward. But by the end of the week I was sooooo tired of this song. So you might like it even though I don’t anymore but I figured I should bring you back something from my trip.

All the songs together in a playlist.

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