Vivi La Merica – I tell you what to listen to , pt 12

I had another playlist mostly ready to go then I forgotted that USAgoldmedal#1 day is quickly approaching. So quickly, that it will be here and gone before the next list. So thus this is my tribute to America. There is no Springsteen, Neil Diamond, or that shitty Proud to Be and American. No Toby Keith (almost made an argument for Red Solo Cup).  This is songs that I think are Merica, songs I like and hopefully songs that flow well enough together to be the background for your celebrations.

If you aren’t American, these songs should also appeal to you. They are good songs. I am telling you to listen to them, I wouldn’t give you crap. Promise.

Also if you are Canadian these songs are so awesome you can use them for your Canada day funs (eating poutine and saying sawrie- I’m assuming)

1. Supertramp – Breakfast in America

So really when I thought about the list. This was my first choice. It is by a British Band and wasn’t  sure how about American it was. But listening to the lyrics it works. I guess Supertramp isn’t together anymore (Wikipedia what is that?) and either the version with the main singer or without. I chose with. It is a bit more subdued but still awesome. Also could listen to Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes which sample this song. It is a great starter song (its about breakfast!) for your festivities.

2. The Decemberists – July July

I love this Decemberists song. It is such a fun song to sing along to,move to. This version is great too. They are probably the original Hipster band (before they sold out of course) and that is so American now right? They are an intellectual band from Portland and one of my favorites. It is about July which is the month America day falls in. How convenient.

3. Weezer – Beverly Hills

I think for a contemporary American sound, Weezer taps into that American non-dance pop-rock style. Plus the song has that American Dream vibe. And the playboy mansion. It is an awesome fun song.  So shake your booty to this song while drinking a beer and trying to make potato salad drunk.

4. Roger Miller -King of the Road

So if you are my age you probably know this song from the movie Swingers. And if you are younger than me you have no fucking clue about this song probably. Roger Miller is my favorite country artist. Which is the genre everyone thinks about with America. This song is about being on the road and road trips are so summer, America and fun.  Oh before you push it aside for being “country” it is amazing, catchy, and perfect patio music.

5. Social Distortion – Ring of Fire

Social D is my California band I would say. I love them. They are just pure good rock. And them doing a Johnny Cash cover brilliantly so fits into this holiday. Sure it is about falling into hell, but really we wouldn’t be so awesome if we didn’t have some naughty in us also.
Just listen and break out your air, rock band, or real guitars.

6. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son

Part of the American music scene is what I like to call dirty rock. It is kind of gritty and low and just beautiful. You really need a beer for this song (American , craft beer to soul my beer snob soul). I really think this song alone beats all of the other patriotic songs other lists and people are trying to shove at you. You need a hot dog and a beer while enjoying it. And please don’t choke on the awesome.

7. Ace Frehley – New York Groove

I just love the beat of this song. And the chorus. Well everything about it. And it is about New York. That is in America right?  Plus what is more American than grown men dressing up like devils and kitty cats to sing you your rock. (even this isn’t a Kiss song and probably had no make-up). His name is ACE.  You really need another beer for this song.  So go get one. Now

8. Presidents of the United States of America – Peaches

The most American name?  Peaches remind me of pie and cobbler perfect bbq foods.  This song is fun. I dunno. They are fun in concert. And if you think about peaches as pussy then it is even better and that is totally fun and appropriate for the holiday.

9. Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA

This song is fun. Listen to it before you say it sucks. It is danceable. Perfect for post-noming fun. Raise your hands in the air and sing along. You know you want to. Nod your head like yeah to agree that I am right about this song.

10. Mountain- Mississippi Queen

If you made it through the last song and really didn’t like it, I reward you with this. And if you did like the last song, I reward you with this. More of that dirty dirty rock. A song to grind to. Plus it has cowbell. (We Invented that right?).  It is such a perfect song. I think this one deserves a jack and coke while you listen. Drink in one hand, peaches in the other.  Perfect

11. Missing Persons- Walking in LA

This song is more of a preview of the latest Junks Trunk than for Vivi La Merica. But it does fit. They are from America and it is about LA. It is just a song you sing with and maybe get a chorus of people singing with you.  It is a super fun song and a good song to end your night of excess drinking, food and dancing.
As always, songs in a playlist

Have a fun, happy and safe holiday.

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