Vivi tells you what to listen to – Pt 13

America day is over and it brought me the hives. I love you America but I guess I am allergic to you. I suffer for my country. I really do.

I do however also have a full list of awesome songs that you need to be listening to now. Even if you are all “I know that one, skip”. NO that is not allowed. You need to listen to them all and regain your appreciation for that song. Your mind will be opened and things will be better. Birds will sing and shit. They won’t dress you, because you aren’t a fucking princess. Unless you are, in fact, an actual princess. Then I am sorry, your highness (is that correct?).  I swear I am bowing and stuff.

Moving on, here is the list.

1. Laura Jensen – Wicked World

I found this song being forced to watch promos for the new season of Weeds. This song is awesome. A cute little poppy song. Head bouncy, chair dancing awesome song. Kind of Regina Spektorish. At the moment listening to this I am grabbing my necklace and dancing with that and my head.

2. Matt and Kim – Let’s Go

I love Matt and Kim. They have that indie pop electronicness but it doesn’t veer the Main Street Electrical Parade way. Their songs are just that kind of sing at the top of your lungs fun. The song Daylight is particuarly good.”Let’s Go” is their newest song and its a fun indie rally cry. When you want to play “Lets get it started in here”, take stock in your life and then choose this song. You will feel lighter and have less track marks.

3. Ginger Wildheart – Forget About It

This is my current favorite song. Andrea keeps on pushing Ginger and his associated band, The Wildhearts on me. I love them all but this song it just pure magic. It is so catchy but in the really good way. It is like having your iPod on all the time singing a super great song to you. SO yes it will get in your head but you will be happy about. OMG you need to listen to this now. See you made me pull out my Valley girl on you. You know I am serious.  His voice is great also. Sultry without using it for sex which makes it a bit sexier. Go, now.

4. Metric- Gold Guns Girls

I wanted to put a Metric song in the list because I am realizing how much I like them. They have so many songs. This song in particular is super great. It is face paced. If you are athletically inclined it would be a good workout song.  If you aren’t then maybe listen to it and pretend you are running and then when the song is over wipe the sweat off your brow and give yourself a pat on the back. It is also good for when you are working. I just did a ton of work during this song.

5. Dirty Honkers- Gingerbread Man

More danceable music!!! This is techno-swing a genre that has been around for a bit but I didn’t know about until last week. This song seems to be one of the betters of this Genre. So if if the genre doesn’t sound appealing to you this song might hit you in that sweet spot. It did for me. You will want to get a ruffle skirt or long tutu and do some kicks and flips with this song. Guys included and I am not responsible for your injuries (disclaimer).

6. Two-fer Whitesnake – Here I Go Again  & Trouble

Since I am pulling the “classic rock” into this it deserves the Two-Fer. I saw Rock of Ages (for science?) this past weekend with my Bestie. Yes it was horrible but it also had some fun moments and if you like all that hair metal sung Glee-style you will love it. “Here I Go Again” was in the movie and I realized how much of a great song. And the video is awesome. You know you kind of wanna writhe on a car while listening to this song. And you will ask yourself “Do you know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams?”
When talking about “Here I Go Again” I was introduced to the other side of Whitesnake. The earlier, bluesier pure rock and roll Whitesnake. Coverdale has an amazing voice and you can here it here. Yes here I go again had the hawt but crazy Tawny Kitaen but here this song is sung with more sultry sexiness than the other. You really need to hear this song to see this awesome version of a great 80s Hair band.

7. Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins- You Are What You Love

A solo project from the lead singer of Rilo Kiley. She has such a beautiful voice. It is just a simple little poppy song. She has great lyrics and lines in this song. I love listening to it over and over. It is pretty also. This song is hard to describe its awesomeness to me so hear it and enjoy with me.

8. Tom Jones ft. Jack White – Evil

This song starts strong. Jack White is great at what he does. He loves music and is talented at it. And has a way of highlighting artists with what makes them sound better and awesome. This song features lots of horns and guitar but allows his voice to shine. Tom Jones whether you like his music or not (I am a huge fan- but not panty throwing levels) has a fantastic voice. Here the voice is allowed to have this awesome grit to it. He also did another song with Jack White,  Jezebel which is equally awesome. Listen to that one too.

9. Coyote Shivers- Sugarhigh

I finally watched Empire Records last week and I loved it lots. It was such a cute little movie. And this song was the most iconic and for good reason. This one is fast and fun. A song that will make you flail your arms and legs to the awesome beat. All of the songs in the movie were fun and good so I would suggest checking out the soundtrack and also the movie.

10. Elvis Costello- My Mood Swings

A Junk’s Trunk preview for the upcoming episode. This song was featured in the Big Lebowski and it is a great Elvis Costello song. He is a master at great catchy pop songs. I love singing to this song and dancing my mane of hair to it. I have been known to do some twirls and booty shakes to this song traversing my apartment.

Link to the playlist

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