Tale of Two Movies: Magic Mike and the Adventures of Spiderman

Magic Mike
 I wanted to mock women in the theater for seeing a movie because there are scantly clad men thrusting and gyrating. But I was there for the same reason. I sat down in that theater having no idea what the movie was about except that I was going to see that cute boy from White Collar in a thong.
Did I make an exclamation as soon as Channing Tatum showed up on screen shirtless? Of course I did. Even I miss-I-am-too-good-for-CTatez was wooed by his body on the screen.
The movie however was glorious. In addition to the hot bodies, there was an actual story that was mostly compelling. It also had good acting and some wit to it. No you aren’t going to laugh hard but you will chuckle and smile(besides when there are shirtless beauties on screen). Halfway through the movie I declared it the best movie ever. By the end it wasn’t the best movie ever but definitely one I would watch again. And again.
And if you aren’t attracted to the shirtless male there are some cute sets of titties in the movies. The movie is actually good as a movie without the gimmick that is bringing in groups of women to the film.
The Adventures of Spiderman
A day later I was sitting by myself in a theater and wondering if anyone else was going to show up for the movie. Two older ladies (definitely older than me) sat down and I wondered if I ended up in the theater for Magic Mike, again. Then a mom and her young boy. And dad and his son. I knew I was in the right space for Spidey. I was excited to see it so much.
It was so much fun. Yes it is treading the same ground as the Tobey Maguire one.  But Andrew Garfield is so much better fitted to Spiderman that you believe it more. The differences in the origin story for me made it more plausible.
Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy was awesometastic. I think this was my first Emma Stone movie and I understand her appeal. She is cute and fun and I love it when the girl interests are more than just pretty.
Overall I found this movie fun. Just pure fun. Yes it has some cheesy moments but Spiderman isn’t Batman dark. He has light and humor to him and this movie hits on all of that along with with the problems of being a Superteen.
I would suggest you come into it forgetting Spideys of past and be ready to enjoy a great film for 2 hours. It won’t be realistic. After all he is a Superhuman that was bit by a spider.
Go see both. Rent Magic Mike (unless seeing big screen dong is a positive).  Rent or Movie Theater Spiderman  (to me the effects weren’t all that compelling for the big screen).

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