Vivi tells you what to listen to – Part 14

Like Bananas in Pajamas these songs come down in pairs. Songs that have a complementary relationship of which I determine. Enjoy!

Summah Songs

1. Howard Kremer—I Befriended a Seagull

He lives by the philosophy of having a proper summah. For us adults the concept of summer fades away as we grow older and don’t have the time to have pool parties, road trips, and popsicles. He encourages bringing the Summah back in your life and just  released and album to support this. For a small $5 you will get an awesome album of songs to soundtrack your summah. I love them all. It is super appropriately fun and beachy and light.

2. Cher Lloyd- Want U Back

I love good dance numbers for my Summah songs. And I don’t know if this is my official song it will definitely be in my rotation. I found this by chance on Spotify and i love it so much. It is simple, danceable. Plus it has milkshakes and half-shirts. Ooh and bright colors That is a quality summah.

New Stuff!!

3. The Killers- Runaways

Some people I know think this song  is meh. I obviously disagree. Brandon Flowers voice is so beautiful in this. The chorus is energizing. I want to fold laundry to this song like I am Rocky running up the stairs.  Do the Killers have better songs? sure But did this song get be dancing in my chair? yes So it is a great song to me. If you don’t like it, you can go meh yourself.

4. MIA – Baby

I really love MIA. Most of the songs I know and love have the pervasive beat that is almost static. Which this song  This song is stripped down,electronic and catchirific. If I biked I would totes bike to this song.

Rediscovering My Dance Girls

5. Nicki Minaj – Beez in the Trap

Honestly I first heard this song from the Sam Jackson BET Awards promo. Then I listened to the real thing, realizing I have had this song for a while. I could have paired the song with the MIA song because they are really structurally similar. Like the MIA song it is catchy. I keep on going around singing “Beez in the Trap”. While I am super happy about this, my thugcat is thoroughly not amused.  

6. Katy Perry – Peacock

I didn’t really like Katy Perry at first. It was mostly because of the video where she destroyed Candy Land for me. Don’t make my childhood dirty. I am over that now (mostly). Her popular songs have wore me down into a state of dance and sing-a-longs. I really like this song that I just found (so it is new to all of you too- shush). It is pumpy and fun. And who doesn’t love a good double entendre.
Strut this song now.

Those folk/Americana/Chillbilly/Sepia bands

7. The Avett Brothers– Live and Die

I like songs you can sing to even though I take forever to remember lyrics. This song is bouncy and cute. I suggest you do your weekend crafting to this song. Bounce along while paper mache-ing the shit out of that journal. Plus this song is super romantic and makes me mushy.

8. The Decemberists– Here I Dreamt I was an Architect

I fell into horrible 90s song trap (of my own choice in all honesty). I happened upon Drops of Jupiter by Train and realized something.  Their melodies are catchy as fuck ensnare me but their lyrics are fucking horrible  “The best soy latte you ever had”  The Decemberists have my favorite lyrics of all time. This song here has the best of them all to me. I love the architecture puns. The beautiful phrases like “furrowed like a lioness” and “countess and courtesan have fallen ‘neath my tender hand when their husbands were not around”. It is beautiful and the music is great also. To me they create a immense series of perfect songs. This song is lulling and almost enchanting.

Junk’s Trunk Preview (hint- not an Iggy Pop tribute episode)

9. Iggy Pop & Bethany Cosentino – Let’s Boot and Rally

Yes it is a song from True Blood which isn’t my favorite show in the world. This song however is kind of dirty and definitely fun. It gets you energized and ready to take on the day. This definitely a get-up-and-go song.

10. Iggy Pop ft. Kate Pierson —  Candy

This song was one of my favorite songs during my teens. I still love it and know all the words. His voice is so deep and sultry in this song. It is a fun beat. And  to me it doesn’t sound dated like the other songs from the 90s that I hold on to. Kate Pierson’s voice is so beautiful and a perfect compliment to Iggy’s. Listen now and relive my teens.

Link to playlist (Note MIA song isn’t included it is only available on SoundCloud)

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