Superpredators and Happy Birthday

Leading up to Andrea’s (@thejunkenstein) birthday (which is today!!!) I wrote stories based on titles of a Massive Attack album. This was my favorite of those stories and he graciously let me share it with you.  So first happy birthday to my darling Andrea and here is my story:
“This ship ain’t going to sail it self” You hear him say. You try not to roll your eyes at this cliche ridden bag of shit. It is the end of the world afterall. Kindness and all that shit.
You get into the jeep and drive away fast with him barely holding on.  Somehow you outfitted a rocket launcher on the top of this vehicle. This little exercise better work you keep on repeating in your head.  There were these creatures out there that knew how to kill. It seemed their only mission was to kill.
After whatever caused the devastation that now riddled the earth. You heard it was nuclear fallout or some sort of unexplained chemical disaster. News was never reliable after the first city went down. You knew better now not to know why but just to react. Learning causes was for later. Now was about getting shit done.
Judd had to have been 20 years older than you. He was a supposed former cop but he knew little about strategy, protection or how to equip this rocket launcher. You didn’t think he would know everything; at least be adaptable. You figured it out after you sacfrificed a couple of empty shantys on the borer of town.  Now you were out to try to kill some fucking creatures.
They were almost like shadows in your mind.  No one could ever describe them consistently. Everyone knew they were corporeal and not some spirit shit. Most thought they were this kind of not alien but inter-dimensional thing. That resided between the deminsions and came into ours long enough to kill. You thought it was all crap. People were scared and ran. When things are wanting to rip you to pieces, you don’t take time to make acurate descriptions.
“There’s one to the right!!” you screamed. Judd tilted the rocket launcher that way and let it fire. You saw the flames shoot and then an explosion hitting something hard. When the smoke died down. No creaturething. It seemed to work. You had attached the launcher on a lazy susan you found in a house kitchen cabinent. It was a genus move –you praised yourself.
“Holy fuck. We killed one of these. We need to go back and tell the others and get more of these set ups.” You drove the jeep back to home base always looking back for other creatures to come out.
“Left side about 10 o’clock” you screamed.  Judd aimed the launcher and almost set it off when the creature came straight toward the jeep. You decided to speed up and hit it straight on. Thinking ahead you had outfitted kitchen knives to the grill as spikes. They probably wouldn’t do much and might even slow you down but it was worth a shot if you got enough speed.
“What the fuck are you doing. Slow down” Judd was holding on to the cage of the Jeep.  You speed faster. Got that dermined face you used to have when trying to get your girl to come. You loved Cecille but fuck did it take a whole village to get her to come.
“I am going to fall out. Slow the fuck down.” Your foot was pressed as far as it would go on the gas petal. It ran fast and close to you. You tried to look it straight in the motherfuckin eyes. One of you were going to die after this. Looking away was for the weak. No matter what you were before. You weren’t weak now.
All you could see of the creatures was shadows and darkness. Then at the last moment before impact you saw its eyes. They were pink. Not cunt pink but a brighter pink that you rememberd from one of your Jem dolls.  You chuckled realizing that Jem didn’t really know the phrase “truly outrageous”.
The jeep slammed hard and long into the creature. There was a loud thud. The creature gave off a high-pitched song. You now remembered other accounts of this song as the sound of angels coming to sntach you up because this was the rapture.  You didn’t believe much in God but you knew the rapture didn’t include killing machines with “truly outrageous” eyes.
Your eyes were wide open as you felt the creature evelop over you. You could have sworn you felt its blood or fluid fall over your face as it started to grab you ot of the Jeep. You looked over to see  Judd and he wasn’t there.
Did the creature already grab him or did he fall out?
Were you tough or stupid?   You needed to see if this worked. You hoped that your sacrifice killed this thing for others to study.  Noble death.
But you knew it was just a foolish action of a foolish girl. Bent on prooving her worth so she wouldn’t get eaten when the food ran out. Such strange things You thought in the last moments. You thought it would be your parents or loved ones. Or seeing your whole life. Those moments lost meaning once the darkness fell.
Now was just the feeling of warmth that washed over you as you felt its claws dig into your neck and pry your head off.

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