The Crime Problem In Gotham

Things probably already said but I Vivicized them and made it timely for the upcoming movie.

Rate of Crime never seems to Decrease

I know he can’t be everywhere at once but really these villains seem to get away with a lot of crime before Batman “shuts it down”

One simple solution— Spies. Teens , hobos, whores willing to send him bat texts when shit is going down. He does have an active love life so he has the time to answer a couple of bat texts to prevent hospitals from “blowing the fuck up”

The police force needs to be better at the reconnaissance work. Well and at the capturing of criminals too. Two suggestions 1. The Wire: Gotham City 2. Batman teaches cops how to do copping that ends in a generous donation of gadgets to the Gotham police force.

Exorbitant number of Super-villains

It does seem that Gotham is a huge city with some sort of perception filter. (I have never seen it on a map).

If I were some mega–deformed–cra cra evil person decidng to move my operation to this shrouded city, I would at least assign one henchman (the one with glasses that asks the stupid questions) to do some fucking research on Gotham.

Or are these evil people born and bred in Gotham? Next question is — what is in the fucking water?  A man that is part penguin? Multiple people that want to dress up like a deck of cards?  I know I live in San Diego but our Jokers eventually shower the crazy off and go back to their parents basement.

A good mantra Batman can live by: If someone looks fucked up just assume they are evil and deserve to die. I think this is a safe assumption and if he is wrong it won’t be the end of the world. Probably.

Batman only works at night

I guess it is to play “under the cover of darkness” spiel but really crime does happen in the day (see blown up hospital).

There is a Bat Signal that shines into the NIGHT sky. There is no daytime bat signal.

While it is a great thing for city morale and not a determent for the villains that still do their evil,  maybe we can upgrade the technology to and electronic notification system? Maybe turn Bat Signal into a text-based-notification service, like Gossip Girl.  Blair always knew how to find Chuck.

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