Blanket Songs (Vivi Tells You What to Listen to Pt, 15)

In light of the horrific event in Colorado and because of things that have happened to me recently, this list will be a bit more chill. These are songs I like to think of Blanket songs. They may not be the happiest of songs but something about the words or music that lull me. It is like having a warm blanket on you when you are just needing that snuggle comfort. It could be a lullaby list too but for me it is more about a musical hug than sleepytime tea.

1. Antony and the Johnsons- Hope There’s Someone

I find that a good cry will help to vent what is inside so I can start to feel the comfort that is being given. This song is one that makes me, and even Antony, tear up. I love Antony’s voice for me it is so beautiful and precious. You want to hug his voice and keep it safe and secure. His songs are so raw, gorgeous and sometimes painful. This song does have sadness in it but it is also (as the title says) hopeful.

2. Imogen Heap- Goodnight and Go

Unintentionally but I realize I turn to female singers usually for my comfort songs. Imogen Heap, Tori Amos and Florence are my main three. Her songs are so ethereal and beautiful. This song evokes both of those things and it is slightly quirky.

3. Roxy Music- Avalon

Bryan Ferry has a sultry voice that is so chilled in this song. I really don’t want to describe all of these songs as beautiful but they all are so we will get it out of the way now. This one brings a romantic feel to it. A 80s new wave lounge singer style to the song.  It definitely makes you start that snuggling in to the blanket.

4. Jesus and the Mary Chain – Just Like Honey

First I forgot this song when we did New Wave Junk’s Trunk and I forgot it for the list mention. I love this song so so much. It does have all of that synthesizedness but it is very bare of a song compared to the other songs of the genre.It is perfect when you just got snuggled in but are still trying to feel the warmth fully.

5. Jonathan Coulton- Famous Blue Raincoat

At this point you are starting to feel warm and this song is going to add that first burst of warm comfort. Jonathan Coulton’s voice is so warm and inviting. This is a cover of the Leonard Cohen song and my favorite cover of this song.I feel like this cover has the sadness and the matter-of-factness that the song evokes. It doesn’t try to fancify it, it lets the music and lyrics shine.

6. Jets to Brazil – Sweet Avenue

His voice almost pours like sweet warm honey into your ears. When I hear this song it is a simple indie pop song that just warms me up so much. The lyrics are intricately pretty. Just listening to it now is making me feel a bit of light and happy inside.

7. Morcheeba – Otherwise

You are all snuggled and comfy and feeling the warmth and starting to just savor the moment. The music of this song is just so chill and sultry. It perfect for that begging to savor the new warmth you just achieved.

8. Kings of Convenience- Peacetime Resistance

This song really soothes me from the inside out. It is comforting with the strings and simple percussion and simple voice. It is almost if your head is playing an impromptu concert for your soul.

9. Tori Amos – Lust

This is for when you are comforted and snuggled with another person and those twinges start. Tori’s voice and her piano calms me even with her most discordant song but this song is a mellower one that does envelop me with this thick warmth. It is one of those songs with that lulls you to this other place of sex and comfort.

10. Jamie Cullum – Lover You Should’ve Come Over

This song and the song before are my Junk’s Trunk preview songs. Yes this is a cover of the Jeff Buckley song. I do like the Buckley version but this version to me is so rawr. I feel all the lust, angst and sorrow in his voice. It just makes me all writhey and determined to reach out for that good raw love.

Link to playlist

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