Vivi Tells You What to Listen To, Pt 16

A hodgepodge kind of week. Some of these songs not sure why they are here but they decided to show up to the party to play. So I hope I do their descriptions justice and gather you all in to listen to their awesomness. Like I have said before I wouldn’t tell you to listen to bad music. That isn’t my game.

1. The Mountain Goats- Cry For Judas

I was orginally turned off to this band because they have an animal in their name. I find most indie pop bands with animals are suspect at first. They have a high proability of sucking hard. I was told to listen to this band and I did and they are good. I’ll admit that I didn’t pay attention to them too much. Then I heard this song today. I fucking love this song. Hard. It is poppy up beat in all the great indie pop ways. This is what indie pop should be. Amazing pure music: catchy beat, great vocals, beautiful lyrics. I think I started off the list well. 🙂

2. Emilie Autumn – Time For Tea

She is one of my favorites and this week she released a new album called Fight Like A Girl. This song is so great. It is really its own whole encapsulated theatrical performance. It even has a great metal growl. Her whole album that this song is from is great. To me it is the what the soundtrack to Sucker Punch should have been if it was a better movie. I can’t stop listening to this album. If you like this song you really should get the whole album. It is completely worth it.

3. Amanda Palmer ft Grand Theft Orchestra- Want It Back (NSFW)

I can’t believe I forgot to put this song on a list so far. This is the newest single and video for the amazing Amanda Fucking Palmer. It is a great up beat sing alongable song. (The Lyrics are the video). I have gotten this into my head repeatedly since hearing it. The video is fun and NSFW. Plus it has the phrase Hamfist. That is awesome.

4. Boy George – Video Games

This is a cover of Lana Del Rey. I am going to use this for a moment to promote her. I love her songs so much. They are so hauntingish that I can imagine them in a David Lynch movie. She is one of those artists that I always like when her songs pop up in the shuffle. This cover by Boy George is pretty faithful to the original but his voice is strong enough to make it is own and beautiful. The video is romantic and lulling like the song. I just thought how strange and awesome it will be when couple choose this song as their first dance.

5. Tristan Prettyman – My oh My

This song is one of those songs that you can imagine women dancing to in their jeans and bra. But those sexy natural girls. I can also imagine a gaggle of girls at a bachelorette party trying to karaoke this song together. This is way better than them attempting the Single Ladies dance. You know this. So in summary this song is fun and sultry. Grab your hairbrush and sing along.

6. Archie Bell & The Drells – Tighten Up

They dance just as good as they walk. This is one of those 60 soul songs that have a classic opening. And a classic great beat. One where the band is equally important as the awesom vocals for the group. You know you all want to Tighten Up now. It really is good advice for all.

7. Nelson – (Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection

First of all they sing this song for the magazine Girl. 2nd this was a sepia video before all of those other indie pop bands. Yeah they finally went to full color but they know that their blond locks really need to be appreciated in color. Say what you will about Nelson this song is awesome. Okay you are saying it is horrible. Don’t think of it as “rock” or “heavy metal” but a ballad with skinny jeans and parenthesis. And jumps! Maybe because I liked them as a teen girl but I still really love this song and know most of the words. It even has a servicable gutiar solo. And knee high red boots on one of the Targaryens (not the girl).

8. Ginuwine – Pony

I didnt fully appreciate this song until this past year. It really is the perfect stripper song. It is that kind of filthy sexy that makes you just go “I am going to be a dirrrty girl for today”. I really want someone to turn this song into a line dance. Plus there is the American Flag in the background. Omg this should be the American Equestrian Olympic team’s theme song. Yes!! Do this now.

9. Pussy Liquor -Rob Zombie

This is another good stripper song. I don’t know of a place for this song in the Olympics except maybe the Olympic village. I can’t remember how I found this song but it that Rob Zombie slow headbang rock out song. The type of rock songs I can get behind. I am also a sucker for songs with simple double entendres. This video is totally SFW.

10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Zero

I wasn’t able to participate in Junk’s Trunk last week so my preview songs still apply but I am adding one more. Karen O’s voice is like sex on a biscuit. All slathered up and dripping. This song espesically. If I am going to apply it to the Olympics play it for those teams that didn’t win any medals. Yeah you didn’t win anything but you get a sexy sexy song that represents you. Sometimes that is better than a bunch of gold, silver and bronze. We are all winners right?


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