Tings I Learned: 7/27-7/28

I can always find people to talk beer or Doctor Who

I would say more Drinking Awesome than Drinking Problem when your beer app tells you to “take it easy”

Even when there is no new episode, I can fall into a day of Doctor Who (talking, bracelet, Nerdist, Olympic Opening Ceremonies)

I burger made of entirely of bacon is better than I imagined but still not worth death.

Rice cakes are vegetables

There are beers that will take your innocence and not in the good way.

Corgis are cuter than James Bond. Esp when they are trying to cubbily amble down the stairs.

The van always offers free candy.

I can drunk grocery shop well. No weird purchases or lots of snack items.

A pair of good headphones is eargasm (thank you Andrea-boo)

I was angry to come into this world.

Tom and Jerry Wizard of Oz is crapalicious.

It is no fun to watch Women’s Beach Volleyball when it is cold in the stadium.

This is the best video ever: 

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