In Memory of Wanda

On Friday July 27 my Aunt Wanda Perez died from lung cancer.  You probably never met her. To her family and friends she was all about happiness and love. Wanda always was there for those closest to her– from doing all sorts of favors to crafting one-of-a-kind gifts.  She was doing whatever she could to be there for those she loved.  In addition she  had an awesome firey attitude and wit.  There was no fake to her spirit.  She was who she was and didn’t apologize for that.
I will always remember her as bright butterfly that always made me smile and laugh. One of my favorite moments was when I got to spend time with Wanda, my mom and my Aunt DeeDee. Watching the three sisters interacting with each other, joking and sharing stories and me as an adult woman being able to be apart of that. I felt so family comforted in that moment.

Her family is asking to donate to great causes in her name in lieu of flowers  (such as: )

Whether you knew Wanda or not, please help keep her spirit alive. Hold your family close, be a beacon of light to any darkness in life and laugh lots Most of all, be yourself and never apologize for that.

One thought on “In Memory of Wanda

  1. Wanda was my sister and I will miss her. She was always there for me and anyone that needed her. Wanda is in pain no more.

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