Vivi Tells You What to Listen To, Pt 17

Grouping things is fun, so I am doing it again. I might do it often. Be forwarned. This is probably the mildest warning ever. I might breathe on you too at some point. Well if I know you and am around you.  Now I am being oddly oddly. I will move along and do the list now. In a strange mood today.

Band You Should Know: Steel Train

1. Steel Train- Black Eye

This is a band that everyone should know even if they never produce another album.  The lead singer, Jack Antonoff, is now in the band Fun. (we can burn brighter than the sun!!!).  Both this song and the next song are just so singable and energizing. Both are from the album, Trampoline (you need that album now).

2. Steel Train- Firecracker

Another super fun song by them. I had the chance to see them in concert many years ago. I had no idea who they were or knew any of their songs. I came away a huge fan. I am super gushy and don’t have any technical terms to describe this. I just get this super wave of happy energy listening to them and I think you will also.

“Looking” for New Music

3. Kevin Martin – Looking For Love

This song isn’t new new, more of new to me. This song has a very Rufus Wainwright (Poses-era) feel. It is one of those gentle pop songs that you listen while cuddling with your mate, cat, or pillow.  He is local for me so you should support him if you like me 🙂

4. Joss Stone- While You’re Out Looking For Sugar

Joss Stone has one of those voices I love love. Dance along to this cute little ditty. Hehe I said ditty. No idea why that is funny. As the eloquent YouTube comment said, Pretty fuck. I think that pretty much sums up this song.

Spotify Messages

5. Conor Maynard- Can’t Say No

My friend Aldo sends me songs via Spotify which the next two fall into. Okay he does look like he is 12 but he has that first-album-Justin-Timberlake mixed with Bieber. So he is now called Bieberlake.  Bieberlake created a great little dance song that makes you throw up all your white-girl-fake-gang-signs. So fall into it and dance along.

6. 3LW – Plays Gon’ Play

I forgot all about this group and was so awesomely reminded of them. I feel that in today’s music these type of girl groups have been lost. These songs are just so spectacular. This song is more of an informational song to teach you about Playas and Haters. And the crux is about being true to the one you love and not letting Sugar and Haters getting in the way.

iTunes Shuffle

7. Petra Haden-Armenia City In the Sky

I gave you two songs that I liked that popped up on iTunes when on shuffle.  I love The Who Sell Out. It is a pretty perfect song. Petra Haden covered the whole album acoustically. It may sound a little iffy but I assure you it is this kind of amazing that just envelops you. Even my dad who is a serious The Who fan, loves this album. This is just one example of the crazy awesome.

8. Devin -Masochist

I think this one was given to me by Andrea. It is bouncy. Reminds me of the Fratellis with more whine but in a good way. Fast but not so furious (jokey jokes!). The chirp scream is in this song that is a sign of a great little rock song.

Junk’s Trunk Preview

9. The Troggs- Love Is All Around

Sometimes when I am at a loss from words, I just want to summarize YouTube comments. All I have to really say about this song, is that it is a simple love song. I love 60s pop because it produced some of the simplest cutest love songs.  I am also now plagued (in a good way) by Bill Nighy singing this about Christmas, in the movie Love Actually. Which makes the song that much more lovely.

10. The Rolling Stones- The Spider and the Fly

Vivi being controversial: I am pretty apathetic about the Rolling Stones. Maybe I don’t know enough of their music outside of the hits, but I don’t care for much of the more popular songs. However I do love this song. It is bluesy which I think they do super well. Mick’s voice works so well for this style.  A great song to listen to on a patio or balcony or porch. Somewhere outside with a chair, k?  Also please no Air harmonica. My Air John Popper will cry.

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