Tings I learned 8.4.12

  • The IT crowd is a seriously funny show
  • I will support the Muppets if there is a cute enough nail color
  • When I “discover” new artists, best to check my iTunes. I may have already been given it by Andreaboo.
  • Potato tacos are amazing and definitely in some sort of celestial cookbook.
  • I love hearing Tori in great headphones
  • Tortilla bowls + every meal = fiesta forever
  • Predator doesn’t like it when you steal her unborn children.
  • Tiramisu ice cream is one of the best things ever (even better if in a tortilla bowl)
  • Sometimes I use all the technologies!
  • Pesto variants aren’t a bastardization of pesto.
  • Sometimes all a girl needs to be happy is a fan and a coat of nail polish.
  • Pinterest experiment 2- following the directions much greatly improves the outcome
    My Samoa Cake
    Pinterest Samoa Cake


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