Space Prison

There was a movie that came out earlier this year called Lockout. You may not know it because it was unfortunately titled. In essence it is Guy Pearce going to space prison to retrieve the prez’s daughter because the inmates took over space prison.  It was done by Luc Besson who I guess did Taken and some other movies that I will probably be chastised for not knowing what the fuck they are. Give me a second….

Okay he did the Fifth Element (the ultimate nerdgasm movie) and Transporters (Jason Statham). I will ignore the rest of his work. It is not relevant to my interests (white tape outfits and Jason Statham).

Back to SPACE PRISON (lockout). The movie has no blood. Which seems to be a problem for some. It is also rated PG 13 because of this. Also for the fact that Googly Eye (aka Rapey- seriously he was I don’t mean to be too jokey) didn’t do the vile things that was in his script-head.  He just acted like he was going to do the creepy magoos to Maggie Grace.

This movie was horrible. Like bad bad.  Like really bad. It is one times better than the Fountain (the worst movie ever).  So you shouldn’t see this movie. You might go but it is a prison in space with crazy people loose. Yeah no. Not as exciting as you would think. And not because there was no blood (that is also the PG version of There Will Be Blood).

Nothing of excitement happens in this movie. And anything that is slightly interesting is cliche. You have seen all of the elements of this movie 1000000 times over. Guy Pearce is good in it. Maybe because his character is an apathetic douchebag which is probably how he feels about the script.

I want to like Maggie Grace. I really do. I think others do and maybe she is in better movies that show her skills. In SPACE PRISON (Lockout) she is so cardboard that I often expected movers to come by and pick her up.

So in summary don’t watch this movie. I heard Escape from New York is good and touches on the same themes. Just imagine it in Space and you will be happy.

And if you just want a movie where a surly guys punches people in the face, watch really any Jason Statham movie (esp Transporters and Cranks).

2 thoughts on “Space Prison

  1. Ohhh, that’s what Guy Pearce was doing on Colin Ferguson a few months back. He got in trouble for making fun of Canberra and both he and Ferguson had to appologise. Which I thought was dumb because everyone makes fun of Canberra but apparently we aren’t meant to do it in front of the Americans.

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