Vivi Tells You What to Listen to- Pt 18

1. Glen Hansard, Lisa Hannigan & John Smith – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (org The Band)
The Onion’s AV Club has this great recurring series of bands covering other bands. This is part of their current summer series. First it is so beautiful and well sung. Everyone’s voice is like yummy almond butter (tm lushrain enterprises).  If you have been diligent readers of this blog you know that I love me some Glen Hansard. Lisa Hannigan is one I should know but don’t really. Andreaboo has been trying to throw Damien Rice at me but for some reason his silly putty won’t stick to me. It has everything I like in silly putty ( you are still going with this horrible metaphor? Fine then) but I can’t get it to stretch my way. (Sure you stuck the landing on that one. If the landing was a pool of jello. I just meta-metaphored that bitch!). John Smith (not the doctor in disguise as far as I know) is a great surprise. I have no idea who he is but his voice compliments and really shines through. I have talked too much. Listen Now.

2. Neon Trees- Everybody Talks

According to some Neon Trees has no talent. Just so you know I am not the “some” in this equation. I am a fan of their other song I know, Animal (for me the Glee version- covers assemble!!).  This song does sound like it was sung in an electric tunnel.  The dude has a whinyish voice and they think that using a drive-in movie for their video premise is “novel” but the song is fun. SO MUCH FUN. That I had to shout.  Honestly I was feeling really sad and this song made me so happy and started the upward turn for me. So no matter how technically crappy this song could be I don’t see that, I just see the joy it brings me. Take me to your love shack.

3. Birdy- The A Team

Another cover. Know now if you don’t already, I really really like covers. Well to be honest I didn’t know this was a cover. I didn’t know why I could sing the chorus till I looked it up and found it was sung by this dude named Ed Sheeran. Who is a self-proclaimed ginger (I think he is a British and this seems to be a think of import). I know Birdy from the Hunger Games soundtrack and she has a voice that has all these hidden layers. I always find new things to discover in her songs. This cover is so peaceful and calming for me.

4. Antony and the Johnsons- Cut the World

This is really a typically Antony song. So it is beautiful and painful. If you don’t like his voice, I understand. For those that do, this is a stellar song.  The most poignant part of this song is the associated video starring Wilem Dafoe. I just found it so gripping and jarring.  The song has this orchestral portion which just adds to the feeling of the video. This kind of unknowing angst and sorrow.  Caution the video does have a squimish part. Watch now! I am moved right now just listening to the song.

5. Mumford and Sons – I Will Wait

A new little ditty from Mumford and Sons. They still haven’t bought that funeral home, they are continuing to churn out songs. Good for most, they haven’t changed anything. It sounds like the last album. Which for me is awesome. They aren’t Nicklebacking it but it is definitely them. It has that urgent chorus juxtaposed with a softer slower verse. (omg I am speaking music!! I really like to talk about urgency too. Sorry about that). Put this on your iPod, grab your washboard, moonshine jug, and hop on that train like that hobo you wish you were.

6. Demi Lovato- Give Your Heart A Break

This is crack pop at its finest. It has a great beat, chorus you can remember and repeat. It gets in your head and you can’t get it out.  Go to this song when you are tired of Call Me Maybe (but seriously how can you ever get sick of that song?). I am currently listening to another song with strong bass and I am still singing Give Your Heart A Break. That kind of resonance would scare some off but I know you are stronger than that. It isn’t like I played Lovefool for you.

7. Rizzle Kicks – Down With The Trumpets

Any song that sites Rachel Bilson in the first 30 seconds, makes me a fan. It is English rap. They sound so adorabbbbbbbble.  It has a great beat that make me want to do this hand and arm choreography like I am some Daft Punk video goddess. And they are cute little babies (they could be grown ass adults but I know I am older than them).  They want you to raise your bras in the air. I can’t get enough of this song.  Key YouTube comment: FUCK ! THIS YOUTUBE NOT FACEBOOK. Anyways enjoy it.

8. Little Boots- Remedy

This song and the one prior I found on this Facebook thread of people naming their Guilty Pleasures. While some probably looked at it to mock others, I scoured it for new artists. I found these two along with a couple more. Score! This one is just dance crack pop. Like my usual. The girl is cute to look at. So if you can’t get past whatever you makes you hate good things, look at the pretty girl.  Video kaleidoscope engage!

9. Dragonette – Live In This City

I guess this band is known well. This is my first song. More dance music. Great dance music. In the veins of Robyn more than anything else. Think this is a great song to booty shake too when you are cleaning up this weekend. Or laying out by the pool. Really this is a montage song. So montage it today (a bit while cleaning, more when beaching, more when exercising, the final bit while loving). Do it, you can be your 80s montage.  Off the shoulder shirts, not required but highly recommended.

10a. The Black Keys- Lonely Boy

This and the next are your Junk’s Trunk preview.  Like the Mumford and Sons, The Black Keys have a style that makes you go “that is the Black Keys”.  It is bluesy rockish stuff that is made to sound like it was recorded in a crappy studio. Done really well. This song does evoke some of that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club feel.  Rock out with your cock out? I am assuming it is an actual chicken. Otherwise that is indecent exposure probs and as much as you love music, jail isn’t as fun. I just saw the video and it is super epic. Make sure you watch it.

10b. Andrew Gold – Lonely Boy

Seventies Solid Gold (Olympics shout-out!).  I don’t know what to say. This song is what it is. AMAZING. Well probably closer to amazing.  This should have been the theme song to something. A TV show, a montage video for an awards show, a series of home movies, the strangest porno in the world. It is catchy and cheesy.  A silly premise for a song but good nevertheless.

Playlist (all but the first song)

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