Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes- Game of Shadows is a jaunty little tale of two scamps trying to solve murders and other assorted crimes. Do they succeed? Do they fail?  You really should watch the movie to find out , I am not Cliff Notes (do those still exist?). Here were some of my initial impressions.

  • Watson has an awesome scarf- shut up Holmes
  • Stephen Fry!  Pryce from madmen!
  • he shaved and cut his hair and the next day scragglesmagoo
  • ooh look I am so clever I can make time slow down to explain things to you, you stupid stupid audience
  • go Moriarty!! anyone that can shut up Holmes is my friend
  • Holmes in a dress. just so Watson doesn’t feel weird riding him
  • lying down half-naked with Watson smoking a pipe. We know who is the catcher in this situation.
  • Stephen fry naked
  • french gypsies are hot

I hated the first Sherlock Holmes and why the flipping flippers I thought I would like this one, I have no idea. It was just like the first but slightly less annoying. I really can’t explain why I hated it. All I have is the obscene cheeky cleverness of Holmes. There is know-it-all, Holmes, and then whatever the fuck this is supposed to be.  However my partner-in-crime thought it was fun. So you have those two opinions: mind-numbingly annoying or fun. Choose your own adventure!

I was so bored watching this mess of a movie I first created a Fight Club scenario where Holmes was a figment of Watson’s imagination for some sort of pugilistic release. Which still might work but he probably is  is real. Then my second premise is way more fun.

Watson is trying to ride Holmes hard.

There is no other reason that Holmes would stay with this mess of a man. Plus this incarnation really dips deep into the bromance. Lying together smoking pipes, dancing together, calling each other pet names. It really is soft-core gay porn.  So if you do choose to watch it and it is annoying at least you have something to keep you entertained. Because this movie won’t. Or will it? dun dun dun! (puff of pipe smoke)

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