ICP- The Mighty Death Pop , Pt 1

I have talked about the concept of Juggalos at length with friends and on my podcast, Uncast.  Besides the song Miracles, I have never heard an Insane Clown Posse song.  I was given this album  and so I have listened to the first half and have my song by song comments. I had to take a break from this mess. Sorry to say, they did not create a new Juggalo today. I am currently listening to Antony and the Johnsons to clear my brain and to hopefully restore the damage that was done.

The one positive thing I have to say before I proceed is that as a cohesive album, one song does flow well into another. I thought it was all one long song.

Oh one more thing- Finding lyrics for these songs was hard. Not sure if this is because the album is so new or because writing isn’t the first option for the Juggalo. So I am guessing on what I heard for some of these.


  • A skit about jumping roofs. Visual skits for audio. Oh he didn’t make it. (sorry spoilers!!!)
  • “This is your life, better respect it.”   Got it ladies. More faygo on those tittahs.
  • “Croak off.”   Move over grim reaper, it is now the mighty death pop. The dad you all wanted.

The Mighty Death Pop

  • Their attempt at funk. Complete with the deep voice. It hurts my funk soul (brother) so bad.
  • More about this Mighty Death Pop: “Everything stop, you either rise or drop.” Stasis isn’t an option. Probably because they haven’t gotten that far in the dictionary.
  • Is this their required PSA? Are we making all bands do this now? Or only ones with fans with a distinct group mentality (not gang. I don’t want to be sued by clowns)? If not, I can’t wait to Hear Cradle of Filth’s PSA. Actually I should just heard them first. (Goth to Boss)
  • They like their sound effects. It is the morning zoo of loosely assembled rap.

Night of the Chainsaw

  • Pills, pot, choking cops, fagyo soda pop. Which is the worst for your health?
  • “Cut them up, go nutty?” Oh really? I thought it was the other way around.
  • Petroleum. ooh big words.
  • “I love when the blood squirt on me.” Is Anti-Dexter the hipster of the crazy violent world?
  • “french poodle, limp noodle.” Yeah those were rhymed.
  • fuck the beat is relatively catchy to my ears.
  • “bloody feet”– And you wonder why you aren’t invited to any parties?
  • The last song you talked about not going crazying and  now you are chopping up people like it was carrots [orange things people put in soups and in salads (green stuff mixed with ranch dressing)]   Also:

Chris Benoit

  • oh no you didn’t
  • “a catastrophic demise” and “immeasurable regrets” – Really? You don’t say
  • This song isn’t necessarily “too soon”, but falls into the new thing I created for this album:  HITA (How Is This Appropriate)
  • In case you were wondering, the song is from the mind of Benoit.
  • These rhymes are so horrible. This is the Harry Chapin- “Taxi” of rap (Harry Chapin is an american folk singer. Folk is …. nevermind)
  • “went koo koo
    Grab back and stab fools”—- HITA
  • What does Crispin Glover have to do with this? or am I hearing things now?

The Blasta

  • The Bullying song. This will be great. Teach Juggalos how to deal appropriately with being teased.
  • ooh crack rocks and guns in the same box. Why not just add some grenades and knives in there too. Maybe some AIDS needles and small pox.
  • He just killed the school bully. Okay maybe not a good PSA song.
  • Yay another song about killing people senselessly.
  • You realize the first two songs doesn’t make up for the rest of this album?
  • Your son is killing now. —HITA
  • Kill your boss. Sure that will keep your job.
  • I predict the next song will involve senseless violence.

Kickin Kickin

  • oh you are a ninja now? no offense I have seen you and you are missing one key element of ninjaness- no clown makeup
  • “5 right feet to the left jaw” I don’t think this is possible.
  • Ninjatsu. – I have a feeling it does not mean what they think it means.
  • “finish my bowl of rice” — HITA
  • “skin a chicken, kick your dick in.” Oh Shakespeare( or other famous rhymey people) is just so giddy with these love poems.

Bazooka Joey

  • oh rocket launcher. Is this the GTA song?
  • who doesn’t find a bazooka in the basement? (name of my new band)
  • I’m dancing with a goddamn bazooka– HITA
  • “fucked up an HR Block” – You know they aren’t the IRS? They actually want to make sure you screw the IRS for more money.
  • how much ammo do you have Joey?  (at least 2 min more worth)
  • Hey police how about you tackle the dancing bazooka fucker? He just blew up a tank. Nevermind. Run away coppers.
  • “drop you like an elevator , big hater.”  Suuuuuuuure me trying to get you to stop blowing up shit is hating.
  • “he’s got a bazooka back the fuck up?” Really you come into this, late in the game, and not listen to a scanner or news report?

Shooting Stars

  • not about the ones in the sky. Those are too high and bullets just come down and hurt me head.
  • he wants to kill Chris Brown. They have some morals?
  • I don’t think anyone else died. so aces?

Juggalo Juice

  • they are naming all the types of Faygo. sigh
  • there are so many
  • “Drink it , spray it, what ever you are used to” I vote pouring it down the sink. You know for my sink homies.
  • “My nutbag tastes like faygo grape” Good to know?
  • “fuck against it.” How is this not an infection waiting to happen?
  • “explode all over the place.” -said the Faygo left in the hot car? I got it right didn’t I?
  • “if you don’t like red pop, fuck all over your face.” No truer words were spoken.
  • “Hump it.” sure nothing like after a long day, blowing shit up with your bazooka, then to hump a bottle of cotton candy faygo. Maybe mango tango. Go exotic. You deserve it. Just like that fucker HR Block.

Also after reading this portion to someone, I was “forced” to watch Jugalettes put faygo in their pussy. So yes Zithromax all around.

Part 2 at some point. I would link you one of their songs but really I love you and want you to come back.

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