I love all sorts of ‘gasms. Except murdergasms (do those exist?). As of late, I have been having a ton of geekgasms. It is like my inner geek was finally able to touch herself.

In the past I had some quick flings with a Sandman comic, X-Men movies, Magic: The Gathering.
My longest geek relations have been with Doctor Who and the Whedonverse.

In the last couple of months I have had a geek re-awakening and she has been kind of a slut (which is completely condoned to me and the geekdom. I assume). I have unleashed a beast that fits my glasses and is learning about whole new worlds and avenues of content. Most notably I have unleashed it upon the following:

A Light Grope: Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope

First I rhymed without intention (yay?). Living in San Diego, watching this was a bit more of seeing how my Comic-Con was portrayed rather than indulging my geek. However the love song this documentary gave to the different people who attend the con, groped my geek titties in the right way. I got to see the faces to people who I have only heard of and briefly consisdered a career in comic illustration. (See example below of why it was brief). I also planned out multiple different costumes to be a fullon crazy cosplay person. It got my geek wet and ready to go.
I would recommend this movie to those who are inclined to be wooed or are already apart of this culture. It really is something for the “fan’s” moreso than for the outside observer. The documentary most poingantly touches upon how the Pop Culture aspect has taken over the whole event and is slowly pushing the “comic” portion to the bar across the street. Being a person who went to Comic-Con when it was a fraction of the size and all about the comics, I find it a bit disheartening. Maybe I should draw comics to revive the whole thing and bring them back to the forefront. I am willing to sacrfice my skills, if you so need it. (Call me). I feel that if you have gotten this far in this journey with me, you should see this movie.

Heavy Petting: Marvel 1602

So , like ya know, I learned that you can, like, get comic books on your iPad. Technology is awesome!!! (Fuck yeah!) My sticky hands won’t mess up the pages no more. My beautiful old eyes can double-tap to read those tiny writings. (What is this a center for ants?!) It is a magical premise.
This series (arc? I don’t know how this stuff works) is written by Neil Gaiman and takes Marvel characters and transports them to 1602. It is a game of “lets see what X will do in this period of time”. For a novice comic reader and one who is only familar with Marvel characters via movies, this is an easy jump into the Marvel world.
The actual story is interesting (inquisition! mystery items! new world!) but what makes it fun, is exploring the characters. My geek is all “give me more, touch me there” with the beginning to the middle of this story. Speak a bit more, daredevil or angel dude (already forgot names).
Then the touch slowed down to a crawl and it went from tease to hurry it up. The story slowed down to a crawl. Another reason why this might be a good intro comic is that it is word thick. A lot of reading to be had. You will feel you got your “money’s worth” if the idea of a comic is strange to you. However for me in the middle and almost to the end this was such a chore to get through. The touch had almost gone wrong.
Then right close to the end, my geek was all “almost there. almost there”, I felt a rush of an ending overtake me. My geek got her finish but it wasn’t exactly how she hoped it would end. No waves of excitement just a “sure that works”.
My recommendation is to read it if you have the time and can get it cheap otherwise too much work for so little payout.

The Full Deed: Star Trek- The Next Generation

Let this be known if you decide to “go all the way” with this show, it becomes a relationship and not some summer fling. And I fell in love. Madly in love.
The first two episodes woo you with space flowers and mysterious strangers. You heart is all a flutter hoping to see more of that android fella or the Klingon chap. Yeah some of their techniques at first are cheesy but you know they have the heart and all the right pieces to make this thing work. Finally you decide to take the relationship to the next level.
They do go gentle with you. If you aren’t into “space shows” there is character development along with interesting ethical and moral questions to explore. It isn’t until your second season where the passions start to soar inside of you. You are willing to do whatever the show tells you to. You and STNG will laugh and cry and love. So much love.
Hopefully like me you will see that this ship is a ship of pimps. Picard, Riker, Worf, Data. They all are hustlas to the spacextreme. Especially Riker. A charmer, adventurer, fighter, lover, and friend (awww).
For most this will certify me as a geek and I am proud. This show is truely exceptional and I am sad that it took me this long to fall in love. I feel like we were two ships crossing paths until we rammed right into each other.
I was old enough to see it when it aired. I even remember having Wil Wheton pictures on my bedroom wall. But in my youth, I never saw more than a fraction of an episode. Now that I am fully touching my geek I am able to appreciate the wonder that is this show.
Picard is just a rockstar. Everything is said in that kind of Shakespearean tone with force, emphasis and determination. Riker is even more of a rockstar than Picard. Because he is second in command I think he takes more wild abandon with things. Then there is Data. Data is often our conduit into this world. We observe him and take from his knowledge of everything and encourage him on his journey to learn what it means to be human. Not all of the episodes are good, some are super cheesy. But even the cheesy ones are acted so well that you can often pull great little moments from each episode.

I’m still reading comics (currently dipping my fingers into All-Star Superman) and finished watching the IT Crowd. I hope this is a proverbial flame that will never burn out only rage on like some type of eternal thing that has some awesome name (not that type of geek).

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