Vivi Tells You What to Listen to , Pt 19

Full disclosure I am super tired writing this. I should wait till tomorrow to give this to you all (y’all) but , like a drunk person calling their ex, this seems like the best idea at the time. I had a full day of work, picnics, debating Taylor Swift’s songwriting and watching Star Trek Next Generation.  So if you hate this one, know that it is my tired. The songs are still stellar and should be listened to under penalty of poking. (And not with my dick- sadface I know)  Oh here are the songs:

1. Jillette Johnson- Torpedo

My song of the week. The ep this comes from is called Whiskey and Frosting (a good time says what?) so of course I listened to it. This is by far the best song there. I can’t explain why I like it except that I do. Probably because it is catch as fuck. So the usual.

2. The Kills- Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

This is off of a compilation of Fleetwood Mac covers. Almost every other song on this album is horrible. Either the FleMa aren”t coverable or people just suck. (I am willing to go with either). Me loving the Kills was partially biased with this one but it is good. It is almost like some sort of installation/performance art song. I expect fairly unattractive women to be banging huge drums and cutting themselves to this song. Talking about how the dreams of the future generations are lost due to the thunder of the misogynistic corporations. I think this is the first song talking to you bluntly about the nature of “playas”.

3. The Darkness- Every Inch Of You

The song starts off in a way that reminds me of Fraggle Rock. Instead of taking me to that underground utopia, I am lured into high pitched squeals of “suck my cock”. For every “Whistle” there are songs like this. I really appreciate this just bluntness of a song. Sometimes the cheeky (tm Britain) double- entedres work but after a while you are just “really?”. I think this song should be flash mobbed, sung by choirs of nuns, and become the new rick roll. Get on that please

4. Garfunkel and Oates – 29/31.

G&O are awesome and I was fortunate to see them in concert. I also want Kate Micucci with the power of 100 powerful things. I love all of their songs. This song is a great example of their great dynamic. It is hilarious too. And catchy.  I don’t think much else needs to be said. (concert, Kate is hot, love them, awesome together, funny, catchy- yup got it all).

5. The Milk (ft Idris Elba)- Picking Up the Pieces

Honest moment: this does sound a lot like a Maroon 5 song. Lets just say a better Maroon 5 song to save us all. Plus it has Stringer Bell/Luther/Prometheusian dude rapping on it.  He wears a white t-shirt looking goood. The video is worth it just for that. The song is very pleasurable to my ears. And I don’t want to slap the lead singer here like I do Adam Levine. So maybe this is Bizzaro Maroon 5. And Maroon 5 in bizzaro world is a white substance you drink and get all over your face.

6. Jade Alston- Sober

This is a strut song. Preferably with your girlfriends (or guy friends or cats or I dont really care — just do it). Like the video indicates, a slumber party is preferable for this song. If none can be acquired, then just wear your highest heels sing into bottles and strut. Dance.  Consider this a beginner Single Ladies. You can’t just start off climbing Mount Everest. You need to climb a smaller mountain like the Space Mountain. Consider this that. But more awesome. And less scary. And probably less sticky (not judging what you do at your slumber parties).

7. Le1f- Wut

The opening beat for some reason reminds me of “Pon de Floor” but then becomes its own thing. It is a Vivi special: catchy, dancey, fun. The video itself is strange and amazingly awesome. I really want this one though to catch on, so please listen and share its beauty. I can’t explain how much I love the song and the video.

8. Deep Blue Something -Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I don’t have guilty pleasures really with music. I like what I like. This is close to being guilty for me. But I am displaying it here so you get it.  The lyrics annoy me a bit because they don’t make that much sense to me. “I think I remember that film and we both kind of liked it” sigh.  A poppy little ditty about a failed relationship that the only string holding them together is a movie. Wow I don’t think I am really saying anything here. I am going to go now. It is a great pop song. If you don’t know this already just listen. Or I might ramble more. And more.

9. 2 Chainz (ft Kanye West) – Birthday Song

I guess I like birthday songs (cake, sex). This is the third in my Birthday Trifecta (keep this in mind for next year.  This really does pair well with the other two since all he wants is a “big booty ho”. You can’t really argue with that.  Also Kanye! He knows all about “big booty ho”s.  Also have to respect a song that thinks that 10 year anniversary is a threesome. And he will take away your car.  I got sleepy during the part where he says why. Let me know when you listen.

10a. The Stylistics- You’ll Never Get to Heaven If You Break My Heart

Junks Trunks preview (along with the following song). Stylistics equal amazing falsetto(?) 70s R&B. This isn’t one of my super favorites but I love it nonetheless. I wish I could sing like this. This is another, lets sing into something resembling a microphone, song. Play it at the slumber party above, it fits perfectly. This should also be one of those wedding dance songs with your bridal party doing back up. Everyone is doing those now, make yours the best ever (besides doing Ignition Remix)

10b. Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell

This stumbled out of the Swingers area of music.  I do love this song but this music really is the ska of this time period. Without having to wear black and white stripes or checkered things. Fun, catchy, good. This is a live version rather than the original but that is a bitch to find on the youtubez. This is a good version though. It has horns and other instruments. And it is about Hell and it makes you want to dance. I really don’t dance as much as I mention it in here. Plus I am tired right now. You all (y’all) dance for me. This song probably isn’t a good wedding dance song. But if you are one of those ironic or gothy people go for it.

Apologies for grammar issues if there are some. Here is the playlist if you just scrolled down because the mess above was too messy.

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