The Spiral

I really have no new content since I have been watching Star Trek Next Generation with every free moment I have. I haven’t listened to the 2nd half of the ICP album (craaaazy I know) or watched any new tings to introduce you all to.

I have fallen in to a spiral. The biggest sloth problem of our day and age: television series on Netflix. Netflix is so easy to go from one episode to the next of a series. Watching it on your computer is even easier now since they just automatically go to the next one for you. I have been watching copious amounts of Star Trek: The Next Generation for the last week. And before that was the IT Crowd.

When I am not watching Star Trek TNG most of my thoughts are “I want to watch more” or “this totally reminds me of the time Picard and Riker did this”.

I turn on an episode and hear Picard go: We are on our way to the gamma goo cluster to reconnect the hyperdigible to the crustamagoos and I am ready to go on that journey.
I did notice that they hardly ever go to the gamma goo cluster. Something always happens that makes that process not happen.

I am so deep into this spiral, I usually have Wikipedia open to see if I know the other things the guest actors have done. Read reviews of episodes after I have watched them. Trying to get my hands on to everything I can without spoiling my self. (I said spoiling. Shush)

I am not sure how or if I want to come out of it. My geek is tickled and excited and I am entertained while patiently awaiting the new season of Doctor Who.

Basically this is an entry to explain why there are no new entries. I have nothing in my head to write about except for Star Trek TNG. Even then it will be all: Data’s struggle is so amazing, Riker is such a pimp, Worf is my hero. Nothing that exciting or new to the table.

So I hope to be back later this week with ICP pt 2 and in the meantime watch Star Trek TNG. Lets spiral down together.

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