Vivi Tells You What to Listen to, Pt 20

This is a loosely “strange/serious” list presented before you. And an additional Junk’s Trunk preview.  Again you are dealing with a sleepy Vivi, I am riding on my lucidity (not Silent-Queensryche can suck an egg) to make this thing spectacular.

1. PSY- Gangnam Style

Latest Internet ting and one actually deserving of the attention. The song has a great dance beat like it stepped out of a Tekken game. The video is kick ass with a guy with more swag than the Grammy Awards. I hope there are flash mobs already to this song (are those still a thing?). If not a flash mob then maybe a wedding entrance song (i’d even settle for a Bar Mitzvah). Watch it if you haven’t seen it, so at the very least you are “hip” to the world in the magic box tingy.
2. Deidre & The Dark- Classic Girl

That kind of 60s retro sound that sounds like it stepped out of a Tarantino movie. It has clapping so I am on this retro-train. There are adorable outfits, so now I am fully on this train. The beat is catchy, I am conducting this Midnight Train to Georgia. It is super sweet and a great palate cleanser after the last song.

3. Mister Rogers Remixed – Garden of Your Mind

Heard about this on PBS. This dude auto-tune and remixes classic PBS to be these surreal songs. This song is an electronic soul stirring song. It highlights the beauty that Mr. Rogers brought to the children. He was all about encouraging children to create and believe in themselves. Plus this has a bit of catch to make it interesting besides the spiritual nostalgia it evokes.

4. Brandon Flowers- Jilted Lovers and Broken Heart

From an album that came out a couple of years ago that I just discovered. This is my favorite album at the moment. It made me realize that the thing I loved most about The Killers is Brandon Flowers voice. This song is a great example of his alluring voice. The song has all that lull to race that Killers songs have but a bit more bare. His album is one you want to sing along to while driving long stretches of deserted highways.

5. Jiz – Let’s Have Pee Pee

I know you were all thinking “there isn’t any songs about Urinary Tract Infections and I wish there was”. I really think this a wasted wish on your part. Highlights is that Jem lip-syncs the song about UTI. Which makes your genie even more strange.  Maybe more strange than the song. It is slightly a song of value and more of one you listen to and share with your friends. And you will always learn now that you should watch out for genies, they are tricksy.

6. Dead Mans Bones – Pa Pa Power

Song encourages clapping so yes I am there again. It is alliterative and catchy. Even more there. I am so present while listening to this song, I have ascended to another chakra (that is how it works right?).  Pure indie Pop Power Perfection. And Ryan Gosling is singing this. I had no fucking clue. You are welcome ladies, you may wet your panties now.
7. Twigs – Ache

Trip-hop wasn’t exactly how I imagined a Bane death scene to be sound tracked. I am assuming that this is what this video is evoking. It is what I got from it. I am imagining Bane playing Cryano (the irony!) and this is his 5 minute death scene in a parking garage (totally plausible). Now with 50% more poisonous gas. He is that parking garage and dance’s reckoning.
8. The Almighty Defenders- Bow Down And Die

I slightly fall for songs that sound like they were recorded in a tin box. This song fulfills that requirement. Along with these pleading verses combined with a great chorus. Sing-a-long! “Will he ever bow down and dieee?” Join in, resistance is futile.
9. Jonathan Mann- My Ultimate Ayn Rand Porn

Topical song! Way more catchy than I want it to be. Who doesn’t love Ayn Rand and Porn. So lets put them together!  Campy and fun. Really don’t have much else to say. Go experience it.
10. The Band – The Weight

Probably the 2nd best song ever (1st is Hallelujah). Maybe the 3rd. Either way it is a perfect perfect song. If you don’t know this song already, listen now. The song is so good, I am tearing up. It is melodic, beautiful, amazing. I don’t know how to fully describe it. I love it.

11. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- Summertime

JT preview. It is a great Summer song. Lackadaisical with a great groove. Perfect for sitting in folding chair drinking fruity drinks with straws on the grass.  So when you are chilling this weekend, put this song and “sit back and unwind”

Link to the playlist

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