Tings I learned from the Republican National Convention (day 1)

  • Asking people to pay for health insurance is craaaaaaaaaazy
  • There is no hypocrisy in applauding the Constitution and following it up with blessing God for creating our laws.
  • Newt Gingrich is just as surprised as me about the amount of African-Americans in Utah
  • They may have run out of token cards.
  • Ann Romney watches a lot of Oprah it seems with her exclamations.
  • “I love you women!” – hey me too Ann. oh.. you don’t mean… carry on.
  • Child labor (coal mine at 6) is a moment of pride not wtf?
  • The fact that Mitt makes Ann laugh is crazy important
  • The amount of memes that will be born will be crazy if , in fact, This man does fail.
  • Paraphrasing: it is our ideas, not our rhetoric that bring people to our party.  O RLY?
  • At least he didn’t say real leaders erect polls.
  • If you don’t care about polls, Y U talk about them so much?
  • Women care just a bit more than men about their kids. Got it men? Go equality!
  • Moms are the best of America. Seriously?

I am assuming the Democratic Convention will be equally filled with these statements that go nowhere. And I hope to, unbiased as possible, do the same.
My biggest offense to the speeches tonite was Ann Romney’s portion about mothers. Being a mother is great (I assume) and rewarding (assuming again) but not being one doesn’t make you less of a valuable women to America. Not being a mother may be by choice but it may not also be. Mom’s who decide to flaunt their motherhood as a source of extra femininity and value to society not only diminishes those who choose not to have children, they also insult and hurt those who can’t.
This view  is one of the minor reasons I left the Mormon church. As a woman who has struggled to have kids, having a congregation of fertile women who seem confused when you “just work” is hard to bear. Being a mother isn’t the only thing that makes you a good or valuable women. There are plenty of childless women who work hard to do good for our country and for our sex. They expand all of the different possibilities available to our young girls.
You can be proud of being a mother, I just ask you think about those who aren’t before you try to speak for all of us.

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