Tings I Learned from The Republican National Convention- Day 2

  • People don’t want health care. It is a horrible thing to ask for people to pay for health care or to ask for states to help pay for healthcare. They need to share their health serum.
  • They serve apple pie and coffee on the immigrant ships
  • They still think Obama said that business owners don’t create their own business. Play the whole quote before you cite it next.
  • Also read this before you think the president can control the price of gas: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/01/business/gas-prices-are-out-of-any-presidents-control.html
  • Blaming others for the economy is not a plan, says the man blaming others for the economy for the last 5 minutes.
  • Oh sure let’s stick it to China. That will go well…. where are you going to get those fancy buttons for the next convention?
  • This isn’t Obama’s first job– you know that, right? If so, then he wouldn’t be President.
  • Pawlenty doesn’t seem to be as engaging as I think he was expected to be. And to be honest I mix him up with the Groundhog often. Am I the only one?
  • What is Mitt going to do to change America? Fine Obama is horrible, but what exactly are you going to do to?
  • You can’t talk about the Constitution giving us the right to worship and then say that the Constitution was us writing out the laws god gave us.
  • Uncle Sugar?
  • I know christian scientists, you aren’t one Huckabee, so how does having healthcare violate your religion?
  • And it is good that Mitt gives money to the less fortunate but we can’t have people on food stamps?
  • So Barack thinks life is disposable. ORLY?
  • Huckabee worked with Bono. Let me pick that name off of the floor for you.
  • So a slogan is “we can do better?” Did you ignore every other bit of the Newsroom?
  • The civil rights issue of the day isn’t rights for gays. Good to know Ms. Rice.
  • You did not just try to justify the Iraq war.
  • But you didn’t become president right? Oh that black guy did. But he sucks so it doesn’t matter.
  • The gun got a bigger ovation than anything else tonight so far.
  • Passing a budget in Washington DC takes some of that coming together you just spoke of.
  • Paul Ryan is pretty when he doesn’t open his eyes wide to be all creepy.
  • Runaround /Turnaround. I see what you did there.
  • ooh shitting on Mitt’s music choices
  • AC/DC to Zeppelin (i guess-  comma Led) . I also you hear you like Rage Against the Machine. I don’t think you listen to the lyrics on those.
  • I think he tried us to all live the American Dream and not suck off of government’s teats. He knows what a dream is right?
  • Defender of marriage? sigh. I know you aren’t for the gays being married but how about not talking about it k?

Tonight’s grief for me was the talk about health care. I can fully understand not liking the Affordable Care Act. However, the way you describe it makes it seem you are against health care for all.  It isn’t wrong to admit that there should be health care for all but we need to do it in a better way. I really feel that if you consulted the God that creates your morals, he would agree that people deserve to be able to see a doctor without being exploited.

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