Tings I Learned from the Republican National Convention – Day 3

  • I guess this the fun night. Glad to seem them bringing out their A-game: Taylor Hicks
  • If I were playing the RNC drinking game, oh how much I would have had to drink for the Hispanic with the faux-hawk
  • His accomplishments seem to be allowing people to pay less for paper clips and the Olympics (all your medals belong to us)
  • Clint Eastwood….. How depressing is this going to be?
  • Can you at least have respect and call him President. Clintino
  • Omg Eastwood is doing a bit. Talking to an empty chair. Hearing voices. This is sad.
  • OHHH yeah Gitmo was used for actual terrorists, not a way to deny the rights of people who did nothing wrong.
  • You know Obama didn’t start the war in Afghanistan?
  • Attorney’s can’t be president? Okay LINCOLN HATER
  • I think he drives the big trucks because he might need a more secure car so he doesn’t get shot.
  • The affordable care act does NOT cut medicare. It reduces medicare spending, IE making it more efficient. NO loss of care.
  • Common Values- all mighty god? wow way to include everyone.
  • ooh Mitts taking me out for a walk. Is this courting or am I his dog?
  • dueling iPods…ooooooh… heard Invisible Obama’s is “I ain’t got nobody”
  • Did you just insinuate that Barack isn’t an American? Way to be racist, Mormon.
  • Lets see how unconditional that love is if one of your children excommunicates from the church?
  • You did not just cite the diversity of the Mormon church. When was the last time you went, Mitt?
  • Sure lets run government like a business. So we can fire all the republicans that blocked Obama initiatives out of spite? Surely doing everything you can from letting your company succeed, is a fireable offense.
  • You started a Venture Capital business. It isn’t like you started a cookie company.
  • You aren’t guaranteeing freedom of religion by banning gay marriage.

Issue tonight: their vision of America. I may be crazy but I feel like Mitt and his crew are visioning this 1950s version of America. This idea that if you work hard enough you can come out of any situation and “live the American Dream”. Which is nice and all but I don’t think it ever takes into account the systematic and completely devastating poverty that has ravaged parts of our Country. Sure some can work hard to escape from that situation but for most it is an impossibility.  Enabled by environment, poor schools, expensive college educations, etc.  So how about proposals to help those situations. I am all for helping the middle class but really it is our poor that get ignored. Because they don’t contribute to your campaign, I get it but they are still human beings. And you say you respect all forms of life.
Part of this 1950s America vision seems to be this Christian nation. You can’t talk about Freedom of Religion and then in the next sentence cite that God helped create the Constitution. You citing God and calling upon him often in your speech, segregates those who don’t believe in your God.

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