Vivi Tells You What to Listen to – Pt 21

Pairs again. La la la la pairs!

Homework Two-fer
1. The Heavy – The Lonesome Road
I was ordered (how dare?!) to listen to this album. Which I fully intended to to. A week later I finally listened and it is amazing (Andreaboo was right!). This song reminds me of something to come out of a David Simon show. Probable Treme (which I haven’t seen) but I can see it in the Wire too (which I have seen). It has this great slow heavy beat that is bluesy which kicks into amazing harmony.

2. The Heavy- Curse Me Good
Since the album was amazing, I found another song to share with you. You really should just get the whole album. This one reminds me of a R&B Black Keys (which they kind of already evoke). It is bouncy and has some great lyrics. It is… drumroll… fun and singalonglicious.

Bringing back the Clap (motion, not STD)
3. The Coup – The Magic Clap
As we have established I love songs with clapping so lets focus on it with a pair (like hands!!). Sidebar because the commercial was featuring James Blunt talking about a documentary he did about the album he wrote about war I guess. Strange departure from the stalking song of yesteryear.  So back to this song. So much clapping!!! A clapgasm!!! And greatly done!  Bouncy. It requires one to have rhythm (sadface) but a girl can dream. I am clapping in my head right now. Those hands are so fancy!

4. Simon & Garfunkel- Cecilia
Oldies clapping! One of the best songs ever. Period. No debate. It makes me so estaically happy when I hear it. Like so much. For reeeeeeeeeeeeeals.  Who doesn’t love a pleading song with clapping? Really Cecilia I bet your other lover, doesn’t clap as well as this. May fuck better but seriously you can train someone how to fuck. But not clap. Not clap Cecilia. Also just realized maybe the clapping is a symbol of the actual Clap that tramp Cecilia gave him. You are better without that trollop. Thanks for making the great song though. Stop scratching.

Internet Famous?
5. Flatbush Zombies- Thug Waffle
I am just assuming this song is famous because of the internet. It is called Thug Waffle so I am so there. He is like a young ODB which is awesome. It is a weed song too. That makes it more perfect and there are waffles and grills in the video. It is beautiful. Just listen and try not to cry too much. Plus the blond guy reminds me if R-Kelly tried to be Bowser for halloween.

6. YNRichKids- Hot Cheetos & Takis
Again assuming this became famous from the internet. Completely different than the last but similar in style. Just different topics. Kids doing rap! And well! It is catchy as hell. Really this is here because you should know this song to be current. And if you do then you get to listen again. Yayyay!

Beautiful discoveries
7. Perfume Genius- Hood
This video is tender and painful. Which is how the song is. He is Antony without so much of the angsty pain that he evokes. I find it so beautiful this raw emotion. So if you can’t stand Antony’s voice but like the music, you might like this more. It is just so emotionally charged being so simple.

8. Lambchop -Gone Tomorrow
Sadly not the puppet but an actual band that seems to have a substantial body of work. That I obviously didn’t know. I love singer’s voice. It has that Iggy Pop gravel and the music fits his voice so well. Trying to think of what it reminds me of. Besides awesome. The video is very interesting too. Strange that both of my discoveries involve bulky men with hair brushes.

Junk’s Trunk Preview
9. Hum -Stars (not in playlist) 
This song has that awesome 90s feel. I always loved it and still do. Lots of guitars and distortion(?? – maybe not I don’t know things). It is great. I really don’t have anything clever or thoughtful to add. Listen.

10. The Presidents of the United States of America- Peaches
I saw them in concert and they were seriously one of the funnest bands ever. This song is typical of that. You really should know this song and if not then listen now. They may actually mean peaches but if not just imagine all that sweet sweet juicy country peaches. Who doesn’t want to eat peaches every day? Maybe not the guys in the Perfume Genius video. Fairpoint.  Its fun!!! (tm Vivi- Can I do that?)


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