Tings I Learned from the Democratic National Convention- Day 1

  • Rahm Emanuel- Am I the only one afraid if i don’t agree I will get yelled at?
  • I spy Jesse Jackson!
  • everyone looks bored
  • I am bored
  • Yayya Kumar.. oops Kal Penn
  • I know I am biased but they make me feel so inspired. I want gays to marry and college kids to get tax breaks. What is so wrong with that?
  • It is pretty good to choose Kumar to be your young person liaison
  • sorry people I am mushy
  • They are playing prince!! ❤
  • Hawaiians how come you didn’t get any of those Mitt? There are tons of Mormons in Hawaii
  • Wow Michelle Obama’s brother looks like Michelle without hair and taller and bulkier
  • equal pay for women! ❤
  • Happy gays can marry, Mass Gov. I don’t  think Mass was that bad when Romney left.
  • What is with all the yelling?
  • Just saw the king of the gays at the Convention. I think he is self-appointed king.
  • ooh a turban! Things you don’t see at the RNC
  • Now Republicans are going to kick children to the ground. YUHateChildrens?
  • Maryland has the number 1 school system? Is  The Wire is fucking with my head or you are wrong?
  • democrats seem to trying to evoke the empowering button than the fear of a black planet button
  • not sure if this will be a theme all week or just tonight it all seems to be about garnering the youth vote.
  • k this dude’s grandmother is named Victoria. sorry republicans
  • but wait he came out to black eyed peas. torn
  • i think I saw Will I Am and it wasn’t a hol A Gram …. lolocoasters all around
  • wow calling out Romney’s rich person’s cloudy head
  • this cute Hispanic gentleman cares about my vagina and its rights ❤
  • these speakers are more lively and compelling
  • Michelle was engaging and compelling and energizing

I really tried to be unbiased but it only showed in a couple of comments above. I really felt inspired and empowered tonight. I know, like the RNC, this is all propaganda and  a rally for like-minded people to get inspired. To fight for what they believe is right. The message of the Republicans was one to protect the economy to grow your personal welfare. Which is perfectly understandable. The democratic message seems to be to grow the economy back to a healthy state while ensuring the rights of all who are apart of this nation. For me that is more appealing and what I want to support. It isn’t a matter of right or wrong but the approach to the subject which is : What is best to make America great.

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