Tings I learned from the Democratic National Convention– Day 2

Sorry for the delay, I haz a cold.

  • Gov of colorado cited craft beer production. Sorry republicans. Demos has the good beer.
  • ooh yayay the nun I love!!!
  • She gave such a powerful speech. Wonder if people will acknowledge it.
  • Yay craftbrewer as an example of small business. sorry again republicans. You want to vote a person who believes alcohol is a sin. Moar beer!!!
  • Telemundo!!!
  • union people annoy the fuck out of me. I understand where they are coming from but how they do it and how they say it pisses me off.
  • ooooh snap they have people who got the ax from Bain Capital. He was their reckoning?
  • Having a cold makes it harder to pay attention to these people. I assume Elizabeth Warren was good enough.
  • Clinton!!!
  • Is he the first president to bite his lip when speaking.
  • I think Clinton wanted to say Bizzaro World.
  • So HSM (All in this Together) vs Les Mis (On My Own)- Sophie’s choice Bill!!!!
  • He is a living Sorkin episode. eeek swoon
  • Clinton learned to admit when he is wrong. snicker
  • Biden’s teeth are freakishly white.
  • Two women in the audience looked like they were in there at the birth of Rocky and Time Warped
  • More trudging out poor children to be pawns. I get that it is important but speak to us like adults so don’t use children to make us act. We know what to do.
  • Arithmetic!

I always forget how much I love Clinton.  He was the first president I got to vote for and me in my excited 18 year-old heart saved that ballot. For me turning 18 was more about voting than anything else. I always wanted to be a part of change and make my say as an American. Clinton was my choice and I was proud. I know that he is like all politicians and not fully truthful and most of what he says is for show. However the speech last night he talked to us like adults Handing out information in plain terms. Using logic to help us decide what we want to do in November. I think he did a great job to not only sway Democrats but also Independents into voting for Obama. Whether you agree with Clinton or not one has to admit he is a charismatic and influential speaker.

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