Tings I Learned From the Democratic National Convention- Day 3

  • Sorry democrats I am pro-foo
  • When the Foo Fighters are playing is the only time they actively seek out all the white people in the audience.
  • Scar Jo!
  • Love you ScarJo , but the last presidential election shouldn’t have been your first vote. You had one more you could have voted. tsk tsk
  • Ooh yayay Gabrielle Giffords. So touching
  • Yes Romney probably has money in the Cayman Islands or Swiss Bank accounts or both. He did get it by investing money in America. Yeah that meant that people were fired but he did invest money into someone here in America.
  • seriously more yelling. I don’t remember republicans yelling this much.
  • This former Michigan Gov is good for rallying
  • I geddit he saved the Auto Industry. Yes I know it drives a couple of areas in this US but there are other parts to America.
  • That dog don’t hunt. Git’er done. wow Appealing to the lesser known democrats
  • Bin Laden Is dead, GM is alive. How they are related. Not fully sure
  • Favorite sign, handwritten:  I -4-Obama

Biden speech- This is what I did during it:

What was in my Head
Bane writes permission slips now

Bane giving permission to Biden
  • Things they want us to know about Obama
    –He reads our letters!!! I bet Bieber doesn’t do that
    –killed bin laden
    –gave us healthcare
    –helped the auto industry
  • oh Obama tax cut jokes
  • Sticking it to Oil companies. woot!
  • oooh taking care of veterans after they leave service. yayaya
  • nation building at home yayaya
  • I did that!! I made america awesome. Thank you for recognizing my talents
  • wow he touched on the horrible voting discrimination that is occurring. GOY
  • I told ThugCat that Obama would give her more tuna and she is in
  • He is good and riling up the crowd and getting them focused on moving forward

I feel that Obama was successful in reving up the audience to vote and to act this November. I hope it works for those who may have been apathetic to voting this year. He wasn’t going to surpass Clinton in charm or in quality of speech. This served more of a rallying self-evaluation. Imaging if one of your employees came to you to tell you his/her progress and got more excited about all of their accomplishments. And then by the end you are all yeah work here for another year. I know we will do well together. That is what this was but for the President. I felt energized afterwards. I want to get people to vote. So yes VOTE. I would like you to vote for Obama because unless you are super rich, then he really does have your best interests in mind. Also when you go vote, take a moment before to look at the other positions and propositions that are on the ballot.  Often the local laws, positions are more important to your daily life than Presidents. So be as informed as you can be and vote accordingly. It is fun! Well maybe not but it really is important more than others would make you think. One vote does make a difference.