Vivi Tells You What to Listen to, Part 22

I hate jalapenos. I don’t like the flavor that much. I can handle the spice. Actually I just hate biting into peppers. Spicy or not there is something about them and their texture that I don’t like. Partly it is because I have a spice tolerance but there aren’t set limits so I am shocked by spiced. I don’t like heat surprises in my food. This has nothing to do with music. Just a random Vivi ting.

If you are an avid follower of my blog or America you know that this week was the Democratic National Convention. However some stopped for a moment to gather together to celebrate Videos or the idea of videos with the MTV Video Music Awards.  There were very view actual awards given out or long enough clips of the videos to realize they existed. But it happened and I watched it. Some notes I had:

  • Is it good or bad when you have a set of midget bodyguards and you aren’t that much taller? Oh this is a thread for Kevin Hart.
  • Kevin Hart . ooh now i get to see how funny he is.  (Answer: meh as a host. Better than Russell Brand though)\
  • Words you can’t say on MTV: fuckie and Subway
  • Yayyay One Direction!!!  – Sorry squee moment
  • Dwight Howard is kind of pretty
  • I think Pink’s song mentions whiskey dick (VERIFIED)
  • Why do we have to act like we like chris brown? Also–Direct a video by yourself because no one will work with your dumbass (at least I hope this is the story)
  • The Words commercial citing all these good words listed in reviews for your movie. I just saw your 16% rotten tomatoes review, I am thinking “not” is in front of all of those words.
  • Frank Ocean by far had the best performance of the night.

On with the list!!

1. Alicia Keys- Girl on Fire

This may be a controversial position but I have never been a big Alicia Keys fan. I think partly was my resentment of how she was treated when she came into popularity. All the critics and people were all “ooh a girl who can sing well and play piano. That is so unique and talented”. Being a Tori Amos fan who had been making albums for 10 years prior, I was a bit pissed. So I probably didn’t give her enough of a chance. I am making up for that now. This song is great. It isn’t about Hunger Games, sorry geekettes. The beat is great, it showcases her voice beautifully. I guess it could fit Katniss to take from it what you want. It is a beautiful R&B song.

2. Taylor Swift- We Are Never Getting Back Together

It is a new day so TSwift is angry at someone else for doing her wrong. It is widely known that the majority of her songs are about her real life stories. All I have to say is to never ever never date this girl. Or at least till she learns “personal irresponsibility”. Listening to her music, nothing is ever her fault. Every guy screws her over (probably literally) and then she likes to share all of that with the world. So fellas, stop. It isn’t worth it.  Okay now onto the song. I like the song. It is definately pop and not country. It is a catchy beat that encourages clapping and a great break-up song (it is her specialty).  It has guys in animal suits!  I dunno what else to say. It will get in your head. Like a good pop song. (pats head)

3. Drake ft Lil Wayne – HYFR 

So his  style is more of the James Joyce variety but with less intellectualism? I guess that is the best way to describe it. It really doesn’t have rhyme also. Well at least in this song.  I can’t explain what it is about Drake (aka Wheelchair Jimmy) that I like. He is auto-tuned, has strange couplings. His beats are good and often catchy to my ears.  The beat in this song is more chill. It isn’t a dance song but has a beat that sways and moves the body.  It is heavily auto-tuned. Forwarned.

4. Frank Ocean- Thinking Bout You

I mentioned this before but his voice is like butter to my ears. It just melts and is all fatty good. This song is so sweet and beautiful. Romantic. I don’t have much else to say but you should listen to it. His live performance of this at the VMAs was beautiful. In the midst of everyone else having laser shows, dancing lips, etc, all he did was sing. And with this graceful beauty.

5. Natalia Kills – Kill My Boyfriend

I guess we should be happy that Taylor Swift isn’t writing songs like this? Well her ex-men should be happy. Yeah this song is kind of harsh but the song is fun! Well the beat is. Who doesn’t want to bouncily sing “kill kill kill”?  K it is super morbid and probably scary if your girlfriend is a superfan of this song. It is dancey and catchy so it is hard for me not to like it. She has other songs that are great, if you want to check those out.

6. April March- Chick Habit

Another song with girls doing you wrong. This one is a bit less creepy and more campy. Most will know it from Tarantino’s Death Proof. I was reminded of this song earlier than this week. It is fun. You could get a group of people together dressed in cute 60s outfits and do a routine to this. That is what we all do right?

7. Frenchie Davis- Love’s Got a Hold On Me

She was a former American Idol contestant and then a former The Voice contestant. Now she has her own song. I think she had a stint on Broadway between those two shows. Her style and this song definitely courts that gay dance market. She has a great voice and a voice made for this super hard electronic dance style. It is very much in the thread of Finally by CeCe Peniston. I really really love this song. You all need to listen to this now. Go Go.

8. Ben Folds Five -Erase Me

They have a new album coming out soon which if this song is indicator, it means it will be awesome. If you are on the Ben Folds train, this is completely on track and moving forward. It is that kind of pop-rock beauty that he does so well. I am not sure if adding the four makes this a bit harsher or not but it is great. And by harsh I don’t mean that this is all grrr and argh music but if you know Ben Folds style, you will know. It does have some anger in it that isn’t campy like the other stuff of his that I know. It is a great complex song.

9. Murmaids – Popsicles and Icicles

This song and the next are your Junk’s Trunk preview songs. It is a 60s girl group song. Sweet and simple. About crushes and icey treats. Great harmonies. A song I grew up with and always liked as a kid until now. It is dated but it is so so sweet and cute. Consider it another version of My favorite things. So listen on Fraulein.

10. The Toys- Lovers Concerto

I forgot about this song and was so excited when I saw it today. Another one of those songs I learned from when I was younger. Again it does sound dated but it is sweet and lovely. It is a cute little romantic girl group song. So simple and great it doesn’t need more explanation.


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