The Killers- Battle Born

I was told to listen and review this so here I am. I honestly don’t think I have listened to a Killers album all the way through but I do like them. And I might be a bit tipsy but that makes for a better blog post right? I apologize for the grammar in advance.

Flesh and Bone
This song starts of strong because it highlights Brandon Flowers voice. His voice is quickly becoming one of those butter voices (see Frank Ocean and Darren Criss). Oooh this song mentions the name of the album. It has a great melodic feel and that typical Killers sweeping choruses that make you feel like you need to be running with fabric flowing behind you. Lets call it the “active Stevie Nicks”. I wish I knew music terms so I could describe these comonalities with other Killers songs. But I really feel like their music makes me feel I can out run cars on the Bonneville salt flats.

I have discussed this song in a previous “Vivi tells you what to listen to”. I don’t have much else to add except that it flows well from Flesh and Bone and it is a great transition. Flesh and Bone is a more muted version of this song. This song picks up and summons some of that 80’s rock/hair metal feel without overdoing it and still being the killers.

The Way It Was
I really love the Brandon Flowers solo album and these songs so far strongly accentuate his voice but definitely are Killers song. This song reminds me a bit of a Cars song. With all that annoying of the Cars. I think I didn’t like Rick Okasek’s voice (sorry bro). This song is solid , not my favorite but good. It is similar to the last two and flows well with the album. More of a song that make me excited to hear the next one rather than to linger onto it.

Here With Me
I really wish I could pull the 80s band that this song reminds me of. This whole album evokes the 80s for me. It definately has the now feel too but blending with that, I guess it is now, retro feel. This is more of a sweeping ballad more than anything else. It has some of that November Rain guitair pars to it. So I guess that means they stole from Slash. It is good. Not great but fine. Flowers just makes me forgive so much. Sorry reader, it diminishes my critiqueness. Omg there are electronics. That was disconcerning. And he doesn’t want your picture on his cell phone, he wants you here with him. Why you can’t have both, not sure. He never really explains. Ooh he tries to sing high. It works okay.

A Matter Of Time
I am going to assume it is intentional that these song titles seem to be very cliche-ish. This one starts out with the rush. Then has an “oh oooh oooh” backing. Ooooooh. So far with the exception of Runaways none have that single power. “Falling back on forever” is a good line. I dunno I am bored now with the album. I want more. Different. Something to get me going. “Burned out halos” another good phrase. Not enough though

Deadlines and Commitments
Ooh starting high. It makes me think of the “Neverending Story” by Limahl. But not as good. Ooh it mentions riding horses. Either I am channeling him or he is channeling me. I wonder if the rest of the Killers are Mormon. Or how Mormon Brandon Flowers is. Maybe being married has weakend him. And I hate to say that. Maybe just being him did. His solo album is so goooooood but this is so boring. It like it tries to be grand and bigger but it just reverts to a level of boring and muy meh. Omg there are Phil Collins drums. If the the next song is a shout out to “Land of Confusion”, I am done. I fucking hate those puppets.

Miss Atomic Bomb
I may be super intoxicated but this seems to be the second song to mention “fall back on forever”. Oh it is. I read above to what I wrote. Carry on. Okay I like this song. It isn’t that bad. It does the same things as “Runaways” I am weak to this pattern. Fuck me. Plus I imagine 40s pinup girls in bathing suits and helmets, doing some sort of dance in shallow water to this song. With lots of saluting and arm movements. They don’t move their legs move much because I don’t know how to coreograph that. I need Rhian for that portion. I really think this album shouldn’t have any lines about “taking chances” when you really didn’t do much to “take chances” with the music itself.

The Rising Tide
Omg more electronics. I like electronics but not with them. Esp when they just go over to their regular meh Tom Petty/Cars variation. Omg I am so bored right now. I have a feeling that if I could get behind XX I would be having so much more fun of a listening party. Right now I feel like I should be rollerskating at the most boring day. Where I have no boyfriend, no cute stickers from the vending machine, borrowed broke ass skates and no snow cone. No snow cone! This sucks.

Heart of Girl
I think I am too influenced by Punkin beer to fully appreciate this song. Listening to the first verse I am just pissed off. Baby I have all night to listen to the “heart of a girl”. It just seems insulting to me. What the fuck is the heart of a girl? And why are you on the shore waiting with one of these hearts? Maybe you shouldn’t be ripping them out of girls. How are you not arrested yet?

From Here on Out
I guess this is the “countryish” song. Riding in the “danger zone” this album really has to be calling back to the 80s on purpose. Withougt being interesting. Oooh this song has clapping. K I am in a bit more. You have one me over a bit Killers. I am still trying to stay awake during this mess. I really wanted to like this song. What did you do? I am not that hard to please. If I generally like you, I am forgiving. Omg this song has everything I would like but yet I don’t. i don’t like the countryness or the rockishness. Or anything.

Be Still
I feel like this should have been before Heart of Girl. Something you say before your rip their heart out. Omg this song ends up having an almost Berlin-like backing track. Someone accciently sat on the keyboard. It has to be. This song is so filled with cliches. Has all of their lryics been so tired? Have I had some sort of weird film over my ears to listen to the other songs. I really want to show them something to get some better lyrics. Anything a Judy Blume book. They could really use a song about a girl starting her period. That is a cliche I can live with it. Get on this Flowers.

Battle Born
Title Track. This has to be promising. Maybe it is all about Battlecat from He-Man. It is okay. Not much better than the rest of these songs. Redwood sky? fine sure the sky in the Redwood forest. Guitair Solo! For two seconds. I am so done with this album. There are three bonus tracks. Unless they are amazing. They will not be included. I think you are okay with this.

Maybe I need to listen to this again and when I am more sober to fully appreciate it. It isn’t horrible it is just so boring. Mostly tired lyrics, music arrangements that are uninspired. There is a girl on my screen with a cute yellow tube dress that is way more interesting and pretty than this entire album. The shining star is Runaways which is still killer but all the rest of these songs are inferior versions of that.

Listening to the new Carly Ray Jepsen while sort of prepping this post. And “This Kiss” is so so good. It is dancey and poppy and nothing like “Call Me Maybe” see Killers, this is how you do it. K maybe not fair to compare you to Carly Ray Jepsen but you are apart of my head and I am doing it.

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