Bunnies in Borderlands

That’s Me!!

I have only been playing Borderlands 2 for two days so I am not going to review the game really. I probably wouldn’t give you the best review because it is my first -1st person shooter game. My first game where I am killing lots of things with my arsenal of weapons. I played GTA a bit but avoided the mass-killing. I drove around fast in cars and tried not to hit people ( but they are everywhere!!!)

Borderlands 2 works well for for a novice like me. It isn’t too fast paced so I can learn valuable skills like moving my head and feet at the same time (its hard!). I can’t count the number of times I just stared at the ceiling in Portal. I finally learned how to aim rather than just shooting like a spaz. It is also snarky and fun. So I want  to go play it again and again.

Playing this game for two days has engaged my rage and I am all for shooting everything I have seen. I have accidentally shot Claptrap a bunch of times and actively aim for the face.  I am not complete sunshine and rainbows but I am not totally for realistic violence. This is cartoonish and so maybe that is why it is so easy to kill things. I dunno. I never thought I would want to or enjoy actively killing people and creatures. But 10 minutes in it is “die, die, die”. All I am saying  is that it  is a strange concept for me.

Other Tings I learned:

  • Bullymongs are scary and sometimes I need to pause and take a break after killing them all.
  • Also not a good idea to wander into their camp if you aren’t ready to kill them all.
  • The people are annoying fucks that need to be shot in the head
  • Also probably not a good choice to be the assassin (but I might get a cool sword!!!) and then just run up and shoot people the face. Stealth doesn’t seem to be my strong suit.
  • As much as I have looked for them, no bunnies so far.
  • Claptrap is both annoying and adorable. I want to shoot him in the face and then cradle him back to health.
  • Named my character, Rockwell so I can sing “Somebody’s Watching Me” but too scared to actually sing. Usually go “eek they are attacking me”. Not as catchy.
  • For people like me there needs to be a Confessional game where I do penance for my shootings and have to play a game where I plant trees and nurse kittens.

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