Vivi Tells You What to listen to , pt 23 (comeback?)

Is this a comeback? Or a return from hiatus? Sabbatical? Not really sure. I made it super long because I love you. But I am going to make the descriptions short because I love you  and because I don’t have the patience to write longer. I am a quick girl and this is how I roll. I grouped these in threes because that is how I do.

K-Pop that isn’t Gangnam Style

It has been a little over a month since I put that song on the Vivi Tells you and now it is everywhere. And now I want it to stop but I know in a month, my parents will get into it and I have to pretend I still like it.  Here are three more K-Pop deliciousness songs. All featuring the girl from Gangnam Style, Hyuna.

1. Trouble Maker- Trouble Maker

Girl rapping. Sexy girls. Good dance beat. And some English lines. Well at least two.  Also guns and leopard print suit jackets. Probably related.

2. 4 Minute – Volume Up

This is more of the K-Pop Pussycat dolls. Snakes! Hot girls. Good dance beat. So K-Pop formula. A bit harder beat than the last one.

3. Hyuna – Bubble Pop

This is lighter and more fun than the other too. The Jesse J ish one. But again. Hot girls, catchy beat. Americanish Jerseys.  The Summer K-Pop hit.

The Melting Pop (oh puns!)

Probably loosely assembled group but three pop songs. All fairly newish. All I like (of course).

4. Carly Rae Jepsen- This Kiss

This is the Call Me Maybe follow-up.  Everyone is asking “can she do it again?” Is she really talented?”  I think so, you maybe not. Also you probably don’t care but this song is poppy catchy. Very similarish to Bubble Pop in catching happy. It is definitely not unique like Call Me Maybe was but it works.

5. Ke$ha – Die Young

First song from new new forthcoming album.  This song is pretty anthemic for Ke$ha. It is fun. Partylicious.

6. Imagine Dragons- It’s Time

Sometimes I am one of those hip kids that find things before others, other times I get popular songs from Glee. This is a Glee song. It has clapping! It is very pop-rock  fun. Sing-a-long!!

Look What I Found!

7. Shad – Keep Shining

This is an artist suggestion from Rhian and it is great. His style is Roots/Common-ish which I love. This song is all about empowering women too so I have a weakness. It is great and uplifting.

8. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Nothing But The Water

Used in a commercial for a new show, this song is haunting and awesome.  Her voice is great and it shines in this song. It is one of these songs that give you chills.

9. Two Gallants -Broken Eyes

Spotify Stumble Upon.  Countryish but in that Mumford and Sons (who have a new album that is awesome btw) way. Raspy awesome voice in the song.  Dear God I love this song.

Buy These or Incur My Wrath (I play shooting games now)

10. Tori Amos -Flavor

Tori always does things interesting. She does a best of album with the songs redone but with an orchestra in the background. Okay fine, Metallica did it first.  But this is good. All of the songs are elongated a bit in tone but it works with the songs she chose. I love the album and yes I am Tori biased but I think it is a great take on a best-of and her songs.

11. Dragonette – Let It Go

I love this band so so much. It is my new favorite thing (in the world!). The album this comes from is super amazingtastic. Dance synth pop.  And Bunnies!!!

12. Ben Folds Five – Do It Anyway

If there is any video from this list you watch, this is it. Fraggles! Chris Hardwick (swoon). The song is catchy Ben Folds excellence. The video is funny and great and will tug on your child heart strings. Unless you are dead inside. But it could reanimate your heart and then you have a zombie heart. That will try to eat your brain. Keep an eye out for that.

Oh the Concerts I Will Go 

13.  Amanda Palmer – The Killing Type

Saw her this past Monday and it was this beautiful concert of power and music. I got to see and meet Neil Gaiman too!! And 80s Sax!  This song is my favorite off of her new album (which you should own already, or else. Time travel if you have to). The beat is amazing and great live. See her live (Vivi order).

14. Lumineers – Stubborn Love

Seeing them tomorrow night with my Andreaboo and I am excited. It should be a great show of simple great music. This song isn’t as catchy as Ho Hey but love it also. I wonder if I should get a fun hat for this show? hmmmmmm

15. Florence + the Machine – Kiss With a Fist

This was the song that introduced me to Florence. I kept on hearing it and loving it and then I got her album and I was madly in love. It is great. Fierce.  Listen. And I get to see her again!!!! OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK Squee. Done.


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