2012 Presidential Debate 1 and a new Party

Quick quip/things I learned from the debate that just concluded. Then some comments:

  • So your plans for jobs are the same… education, energy, trade. hmmm?
  • I agree with you Obama but answer a question directly for fucksake
  • President can’t control gas prices! Fuck mitt we discussed this already\
  • Santa votes for Mitt. Naughty Kids vote for Obama
  • Oooh Romney’s flag pin is bigger. Compensating for something Mitt?
  • These lack of Zingers is making me want Raspberry zingers
  • I create more jobs every weekend. I pick up Jose and Jesus in front of the Home Depot every Saturday. – Romney
  • Omg I geddit that Clinton’s arithmetic was popular but stop quoting “math” when you aren’t really doing math.
  • PBS is a small small small small fraction of the budget. It is a token cut. Save Big Bird!!
  • Don’t fuck with Big Bird and Elmo. You fuck with them, you fuck with all of us.
  • What is Wrong with Spain? I like Sangria and soccer players. Slow your roll Romney. And tapas!
  • Did anyone have Obama first in the lets pull out the dead people card?
  • Only people in the future, Mitt?! Do you also know the Terminator?
  • You have that choice now to choose between Medicare and Private healthcare. Your voucher system won’t allow poor people to have private healthcare. It will give rich people money to use private healthcare when they don’t need that money. This is retarded.
  • AARP is basically a lobbyist organization. They may have seniors in their best interests but it is like saying Exxon-Mobil is for more drilling.
  • So you think repealing regulation would made the small banks survive and the big banks fail? And you think the big banks failing would have saved the economy?
  • ooh citing Mass universal healthcare. Zing
  • The no republican votes for healthcare was just children being pouty not a bad plan. You understand that right mitt?
  • Borgs for death panels!
  • Romney has less emotions than Data
  • I love teachers, and lamps, and snakes. No not snakes. Unless you like snakes, then I like snakes too!- Romney

Yes I was a bit harsher on Romney, what can I say I am biased. Especially when he talks about wanting to ensure liberty for all when he doesn’t believe in gay marriage. Also do you know that the Mormon church does with their confessed gays? A) Get them counseling and B) tell them to suppress their gay thoughts. These  people then get married and have children.   Yay liberty!!  Sorry I got a bit ranty.

To sum up the debate- Leher sucks at controlling the debate, Romney and Obama can’t obey rules, and they both inflated facts a lot. I don’t really feel like anyone came across as the victor in this debate and everyone will say it is A or B. But they will be wrong. They were just hot air not really having an educated debate of facts and platforms. It was frustrating. Yes I am biased towards Obama but he was pissing me off.

So I propose we vote for a third-party, the Church of Awesome. I run this Church of Awesome and don’t let the word “church” sway you. We believe in no formal God. You can believe in your own if you wish. You just need to practice three things: love, kindness and respect. Then you can join my party/church and there is beer (if that is your thing!).

I am not 35 (yay?) so I cannot be elected President. So if anyone wants to run as our party’s representative, as a write-in candidate,  let me know.  We need a third option that just wants the best for us all rather than a few.

Vivi la Merica! Vivi la Beer!!!

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