Vivi tells you what to listen to, pt 24

I feel like I use the sleepy excuse for most of these lists but as someone tells me “you don’t get enough sleep”. This time was coming back late from seeing Florence and the Machine. They were meh. Nah they were superfantasticalawesomesauce (tm Vivi). Florence is so love happy in her talking you can’t help but like her. I am just so happy when good talented people are able to have great success. It makes me feel hope and love for the world. The show was filled with Florence floating around the stage, twirling, engaging the audience in make out sessions. Her voice was as powerful as ever. I was really impressed by her drummer. I never realized how drum intensive her songs are and he was stellar. He was probably my favorite part of the “Machine”.

Also the Lumineers were one of the best live shows I have ever seen. If you even kind of like their music then you should see them live. Sing-a-longs (if you like that). So much energy and love of music and their fans. And talent. I thought I would enjoy it but be a bit bored. I wasn’t at all. I had such a music adrenaline rush afterwards. An experience I would never forget.

Now on with the songs. I thought all these songs needed a friend. Don’t go alone take this other song. That works right?

The Weeknd Is Upon Us

He was the 2nd Opening act for Florence and one of the best discoveries I ever had at a concert (Flogging Molly my first). He is a mixture of Frank Ocean and R. Kelly is the best way I can describe it. His voice is magical like unicorn farts. That doesn’t sound pretty like Pegasus purrs. Way better. I am so so so happy I got to see him live. You all should too and buy all his albums. So I am giving you two samples to make you realize how lost you were before him.

1. The Weeknd- What You Need
This one is chill and almost trip-hoppy. His voice cuts through it so beautifully. Me loooooves it. You loves it (shush you do).

2. The Weeknd- Outside
This one I heard last night at the show. I love the lyrics that I could parse out. It does have some sexiness but the set-up to the sexiness is of the “I’m going to fuck you better than he fucked you”. So it isn’t super positive but take it how you want to take it. Maybe use this song to get you close to the mood but don’t actually fuck to it? Unless that is your thing. His voice is super great in this one. It is more about his singing than the beat for this beauty. Again listen and love it like you should. Might be a report due in the morning.

Songs loosely related by the word “Bop”

3. Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman – Bop 25
Off of their new album, Please Be Seated. The whole album is hilarious and awesome. So first you should go buy that gem or after this. But buy it. K? I first heard them sing Bop 25 on Keith and the Girl and was so excited when it was on the album. This is like a high brow version of Chicken Monkey Duck. And insanely catchy.

4. Ryan and Sharpay(HSM) – Bop To the Top
I could have paired Bop 25 with a great other comedy song. Even another song from the Please Be Seated album (have you got it yet? tsk tsk). However this song is so boppable too. Most of you are cringing right now. The song is super super cheesy. But super catchy, that makes it  very similar to Bop 25. Plus it has a strange glitter ladder prop portion.

Clash of the Titans (Release the Kraken)
Riffing off the Clash. Stealing without permission (which is what stealing is anyways).

5. One Direction – Live While We’re Young
New song! Are you as excited as me? Sigh fine then. Go to your corner. Not you baby. Everyone else. Yes it does steal from the Clash. The song is super fun and bouncy. It pairs well with Ke$ha’s more grown-up “Die Young”.   Has inflatable microphones. And water. They ruin their hair!! All the hairspray that was sacrificed.

6. Big Audio Dynamite- The Globe
Since Mick Jones (of The Clash) is in this band, they have permission to steal (gads! I did it again). It does sound very much like a 90s version of the Clash. Which means it is awesome and fun. Rock out with something out. Because keeping everything in isn’t good for either of us. Flashback to this song and imagine you are doing something awesome. Seriously does anyone have a bad memory for this song? And if you destroyed anyone while this song was playing you should be in sad jail now. Forever.

The The
British bands that are nouns.

7. The Vaccines- No Hope
Spotify discovery. They just came out with a new album (or their first? never checked). This song is rock out fantastic. Super Brit Rock: Fun, a little low-fi, good strong simple drums and great guitars. His voice could be a bit stronger but is super good and chair danceable. Their whole album is a must listen.

8. The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger
I saw them live about 5 years ago and loved the concert hard. I was a spaz dancing by myself to all of their songs.They put on a fast, fierce fun concert. (Triple F!) Hand Claps! This song is seriously amazing. If you like songs with good beat that rock you have to like this song. Otherwise you are just sillypants. And who wants to be a sillypants (besides Clowns , looking at you Juggalos). Plus they are named after a Goonies ting (if that is your ting).

Bond Girls

James Bond movie songs sung by girls. Don’t really think it needed explanation.

9. Adele- Skyfall

She is a perfect woman to sing a Bond movie song. She has a voice that similar to Shirley Bassey, Lulu and Nancy Sinatra. This song is great too. Very Bond and Adele too. It has that long drawn out beginning that comes to this stronger part. I love it. I could listen to it again outside of the movie. It makes me feel more excited for the movie.

10. Sheena Easton – For Your Eyes Only

Yes I mentioned other women when talking about  Adele. And I love those other Bond themes a lot lot. This one is just so chilling to me. The movie starts off sad and had a bit of sadness throughout the movie. The song is a bit 80s or maybe a lot but Sheena Easton sings it so fiercely. And does have those common Bond movie theme elements but also pulls away to be its own song. I remember hearing this song often when I was a kid and when I first saw the movie as an adult and heard the song it was so much more powerful to me. It went from being a pop ballad to more of a song that started a movie with a great beginning.

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