Vivi Tells You What to Listen to, Pt 25

I am listening to the Andreaboo side of the upcoming Junk’s Trunk as I am writing this preface. It is not remotely like any of the songs below. So you have that.  A total hodgepodge of songs lays below. I was going to say I didn’t have a ton of dance crack but I do. I like my brittle bones cracking. So load up the ol’Victrola and put these jamalicious tings in your ears.

1. Ke$ha- Boots & Boys

First day of fall here where it was not only cold but also raining. That means knee-high boot day!! I knew it was going to rain all week and eagerly anticipated boot day. I love fall. Scarves, leggings, pumpkin everything. It is so warm and cozy. As strange as it may seem Ke$ha is super cozy for me. I know all of her songs and love grooving (iz magical) and dancing too. This song is silly but fun. Plus the video I got has something about your arrest record. Not sure what that says about the Ke$ha fan and my role in this game.

Gossip Girl is back!

2. The Ting Tings – Hang It Up

Love the Ting Tings. I consider them to be a better modern Blondie. It is
all the good parts of Hollaback Girl without having to spell fruit. I
wanna put on my Juicy Couture perfume and do something fancy.
Maybe skateboard like in the video. hahahhahahhahahahha. Like I
know how to do that. Like I won’t break somethings trying. I always
have this desire to dress up like a music video. I have gone through
wanting to do Dancing in Heaven and Taylor Dane. Now I want to
dress like this video. It isn’t even iconic. I just wanna.

3. The XX- Angels

My shunning of most indie darling bands wants to hate XX. Then I
listened to them and I didn’t care that much for them. Then I watched
Gossip Girl and heard this song and went, “who sings this? I need this
song now”. And it was the XX. So I am a hipster (maybe I already was?)
or just a person who likes good fucking music. This song is amazing and I
stand corrected for ever shunning this song. Still no comment on the
rest of their jammy jams but this one is so so beautiful. It is goddamn
fucking romantic. So much I feel the need to curse. So grab your
sweetie, fondle their junk and sing sweet nothings into their ears.
Report back, post haste.


4. Plan Be – She Said
This starts off like an Amy Winehouse song. It is a great melodic song
with a great rap solo in it. He has some better just hip-hop without as
much melody singing. Check those out. British hip-hop is probably
underlooked but does produce some really good artists. He is one of
them. The video is probably what Cop Rock always wanted to be but
wasn’t. (to be fair I never saw cop rock). I now want to rap under
bullet proofglass.

5. MellowHype (ft. Frank Ocean) – Astro
It has Frank Ocean saying “rock with your cock out” so that is butter on
a plate. It has a strange beat for me but I like it. I like the rhymes more.
They are solid and interesting to hear. Who doesn’t want to wear a
Yellow Tux (Halloween costume!!!)? A song to listen to at home in your
comfy chair. Ponder life while rocking with your cock out. At home
remember? Not at the library or the grocery store.

More K-Pop

6. Psy- Right Now
Did you know that Gangnam Style superstar had more than one song?
No?! Well he does. What I am trying to tell you these past couple of
weeks is that if you like the Jaunty dance and the infectious beat of PSY
there is plenty more where that came from. Don’t stop there. Traffic jam
paarrrty!! I do suggest you dance to this song but maybe not on top of
your car. Maybe dance on top of your desk (test for strength first).
Seriously this video is awesome. Really migrate to this after Gangnam. It
is not as crack pop but just a really good dance song.

7. BigBang – La La La
I think this is the K-Pop boy band of the moment. This does have a bit of
that SWV feel but with Korean Boys. Oh it is Backstreet Boys. Sorry I
didn’t realize it sooner. One of these boys has my furry white Kangol. I
want to steal it. I am trying to figure out if there is a stereotypical roles
of K-Pop boy bands, like there are in America. Is guy who can’t put on
his shirt right a type? It isn’t even Kris Kross style, it is I don’t know where
the arms go style. It is ridiculously  crack.

Awesomesauce in a Music Bucket of Magical Awesomegoo

8. The Virginmarys – Dead Man’ Shoes
If you survivied the last two then I am rewarding you with this song. It is
super rock awesomesauce. Fast good clean rock. This will give you the
good dance beat to clean to this weekend. If that is your choice. If no
cleaning, how about some booty shaking food making? Either way this
needs to be heard. You know all of these need to but this is one of the
ones that most of you will actually really like. Trust me.

9. Shriekback- Gunning For the Buddha
Former singer of XTC or before XTC not sure but he is here singing on this
song. Yes there are mirimbas. Which I could do without but I really do
like the song otherwise. It has that good new wave feel. I can’t believe I didnt know about this song until the otherday. I feel like my life wasn’t completely full until I heard this. I know some would say the same after I heard Fairies Wear Boots earlier this week but nah. This song is the better gem.


10. Back Home
This show is so so awesome. I was completely compelled when I watched it and loved it hard. I hope the other songs live up to the first episode. Interesting stories and great music. Yes it is mostly country songs but there are songs like this and the next which bridge that Civil Wars-ish feel. This is such a simple and beautiful song. Yeah it does have a bit of the country feel. You don’t need to be picking corn out of your teeth on the porch to listen to it. You can be sitting on your patio instead.

11. If I Didn’t Know Better
This is originally a Civil Wars song which their version is obviously better but this is a sweet version. The girl has a younger more innocent feel to it that makes the song a bit more bittersweet. I love the lyrics to this song. This one you should sway to in your underwear with a good drink (water is fine).

Junk’s Trunk Preview

12. Darren Criss (Glee) – Teenage Dream
An acoustic version of the song we first heard him sing on Glee. This was also done on Glee. Such a beautiful and painful version to see on the show. His voice is so much like butter. I love it. And I love this version better than the non-acoustic one. You should just listen to this one. Don’t do anything just be in amazement like I am. Come hold hands with me and listen to piano version of Katy Perry songs. Doesn’t that sound fun? I have soft hands. I can give you references.


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