Presidential Debate 2 and other things

I failed and didn’t watch the latest Presidential Debate.  All I know is that Romney has a binder chock full of broads that he wants to hire. I also watched Homeland tonight and saw a another dude who had a binder full of ladies. And he was looking to “come complete our harem”.

Here are some things I know they talked about last night even though I didn’t see any of the debates.:

  • Moon Farts: the real reason why our space program is dying.
  • 47% of Big Big bird’s mass is below the hips.
  • Someone asked the question “We know what kind of underwear (magical) Gov Romney wears, what do you wear Prez?”
  • Someone asked about the drug war using only Wire references.
  • Every time someone mentioned the economy is bad, a promo for CBS Sherlock would appear in the bottom right corner.
  • They both looked into the screen and said “Vivi why are you making tired jokes?”  And I said … nothing because I wasn’t watching it. My rebuttal now:
    1. meta?!
    2. I’m tirreeeed. I am falling asleep writing this.
    3. No you are
    4. Stop smirking Romnez
    5. Stop laughing looking down, Prez
    6. Dear god I hope someone asked you if you were Team Edward or Team Jacob (irrelevant at this point).

Things I actually did learn or know recently:

  • My batman pajama pants are the best thing in the pajama pant industry.
  • Homeland fucking rocks. I still wanna say Mad Men was robbed or couldn’t there been Emmys for all?
  • Some sports played and some were shut down by the wa wa from the sky.
  • Typing with my head tilted hurts.
  • Don’t fall asleep propped up on your stomach.
  • You may think it overplayed, I think it awesome – Pumpkin/Pumpkin Spice everything
  • I seem to be a great improv dresser.

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