Vivi Tells You What to Listen to, Pt 26

This list is probably overall  a bit more chill. Like a boat on calm waters where every now and there is a bit of a rocking jumble. Nothing too scary that will make you washed up on an island where you become one with rosetta stone and archery.  So I apologize in advance for the lack of superpowers given while reading this.  You will get super musical taste. That is not a power but will make you better than everyone else.

Soundtrack for Life

1. Ides of March – Vehicle
My goal is to have an awesome cop romance show where this is the theme song. This is the best theme song ever for a cop show that is in my head. Also a great song to blast while driving (except maybe not while driving in a white van with no windows. Got it creepos?). It makes me want to have a horn section follow me around and make all of my daily events better. Saying hello and then the horns follow suit. Awesome. Ordering tacos with trombones. So beautiful I am tearing up.

2. Bryan Adams – Heaven
Still playing Borderlands 2! I think that makes it a success. I keep on getting killed!!  But I did find one more way to make it super awesome to play the game. Soft Rock.  This song was playing while I was shooting Psychos in the face. Throwing grenades on Marauders. I also love how there are regular marauders and then killer ones. They are both trying to kill me. Lets just name the 2nd one “super bad marauders”.  Oh the song. It is cheesy and fine. But you really need to be doing something badass while listening to it. Riding a motorcycle, fucking 3 women, drinking scotch, sucking venom out of a friends leg.


3. ZZ Ward- Put the Gun Down
New girl love. Voice sultry and powerful. Songs have that great beat you can’t get out of your head. She also has one on her new album with Kendrick Lamar (new hip-hop sensation).  It is sexy and I can’t stop listening to it. Dancing is required.

4. HAIM – Go Slow
Found this band from Andreaboo. The song I was introduced to with had a bit of the 80s vibe. This one is more stripped down and beautiful. Love both. I love songs that are like this. Ones that highlight the beauty of a song and the words. This is a beautifully layered song.

Hillbilly Chic?

5. Shovels and Rope – Lay Low
Simple, pure, beautiful. It is very aesthetically similar to the Lumineers. So I highly suggest them if you like the Lumies. And if you don’t ,then lets do that brain rewiring we have been talking about. K?

6. The Lumineers – Flowers in Your Hair
More Lumineers! It is a ting for me right now. The concert was that good. Like insanely good.  This video lets you see a bit of how they are live. Get a bit for the warm magical musical feeling that creeps in through your tapping toes to your cold cold heart. (Mine grew three sizes that day).  Maybe that was the Gin and Tonic.  Either way tambourine!


7. Kate Micucci and Willam H Macy – It’s Time To Get Laid
This is supporting a movie I never heard of but it is very Micucci adoraboos. Which is this combo of catchy, funny and cute. Plus William H Macy sings and plays!

8. Garfunkel and Oates – I Don’t Know Who You Are
Comedy music that is funny and musically sound is hard to find. Not with G&O. (You knew I was going to say that. Seriously all the suspense is gone from our relationship. We know each other too well I feel.) This song is another gem that I rediscovered and it gives me extra Micucci. Yayay.

Junk’s Trunk Preview

9. Boz Scaggs – Lido Shuffle
You are probably scared now for the upcoming episode. I really think after hearing it you will want to put on your finest sailor hat and set the high seas with me. Seriously this song starts of with a beat that makes you want to snap your fingers in that crouch walk position. And then the chorus comes and you are just expunging all the air in your lungs to say “LIDO WHOA WHOA oooh OOH”.  It is fucking catchy and you need this burrowed into your head for your awesome-oblongata.

10. England Dan & John Ford Coley – I’d Really Love to See You Tonight
1st this video falls into your Halloween costume ideas. Who doesn’t want to be these two badasses. I want to look like them and play Borderlands 2, fuck some bitches, and then pee standing up.  Maybe violate some supple mashed potatoes.  He just wants to see you tonight. Well they both do (devil’s three way!). They don’t want to move in. Just a little soft rock sexing. I am assuming this means anal. So be prepared. I don’t think they give you flowers.  White polyester suit jackets are expeeeeeeeeeeeeeensive.


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