Tings I learned 10/18-10/21ish

  • I hate my fingertips: burned them on the back of the dryer (hot things are hot) and slammed them in a door (door things are door?).
  • Cooks and grannies the best and creepiest porn ever.
  • Campfire Strippers: smoke, willow, s’mores, bear spray
  • Butcher, Widow, Debutante, Harlot
  • Fantasy Football tips: don’t put two running backs from the same team on your team
  • I can’t rock a white furry Kangol hat. (sadface)
  • I have now tried Bruery Autumn Maple twice and it s $14 meh
  • When left to my own tv watching choices it is all wedding shows
  • If I don’t find any the Mango Macadamia KIND bars I will maim someone
  • Claptrap is a fucking idiot that ropes me into crime.
  • Homeland is a truly awesome spectacular show

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